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  1. my account got hacked using this script...whether it be tribot or zFisher I was taken from 20m+ too 12 frog tokens... just warning you other users out there.
  2. Thanks for the release, I'm sure this question comes by a lot, but when are some of the random events going to be sorted? I've noticed the following on my client don't seem too solve. - frog princess - dragon school - prison pete - evil bob fishing event - pinball event - evil twin any replys of info/help or something obvious I'm missing would be grateful
  3. On my old school client, and i've noticed a few others have the same problem that the old school client cannot complete various random events such as; frog princess evil twin evil bob fishing maze event pinball game Prison Pete Dragon school does anybody know a way this can solved/info on when a update will be available? much thanks, Eddyp93
  4. Maybe worth adding barb-harpoon compatibility? that would be really great other than that, good work!
  5. Hi Z, good work with the bot so far it's pretty good just for some feed back, I've noticed a few things wrong - - It sometimes doesn't solve the frog event, and the evil bob fishing event. - tries to pickpocket the level 2 man occasionally - sometimes decides to fish swordies and tuna - doesn't pick up washed away equipment You maybe already aware of these bugs, but so far it's good for your first try. keep up the good work man, longest it's ran for me is like 9 hours so far.
  6. How can I try out the free version before purchase?
  7. This problem has only just started happening since the update on rs, but when ever the bot walks from the bank too the fishing spot...the script ends? does this everytime, help????