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  1. TRiBot Release 9.300_0 [ABC2]

    Testing this out atm, finally someone has started working on flagged account reviews. Thanks for the release.
  2. Zeah Discussion

    Dead content.
  3. Do you need to protect your mule?

    My only mule, that got banned was a maxed pure with like 1.3k total . Just use a lvl 3 with a different IP and you'll be ok.
  4. help pls

  5. [FREE BETA] Tau Script Maker [Development Release]

    Looks cool, nice release.
  6. That's a nice tutorial, will definitely use it. Thanks.
  7. Did you enter the correct ID?
  8. Of course it is working.
  9. Idk,i could do it,if i'd get more requests.Atm i'm planing to get ~95 ranged on my pure and release my combat script.It's training in a custom location,gets ~30k/hr str and 22k/hr ranged using bronze arrows.Been using it for a month now and never got banned.Got 95str and I'm close to 90 ranged now.
  10. Thanks for the comments
  11. The chances that you'll catch a rat with a kitten are minimal and it takes a ton of time to get spices.So I've made this script. Summon your kitten/cat and start this script at hell rats.The script will kill rats and loot spices,script will stop if you run out of inventory space. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/da2affescp0zv38/evilDave.class Source: http://pastebin.com/mrdjZpeD I was not sure where to post this.Please move this topic,if needed.
  12. kSlayerTower - Pics

    Looks nice,good luck.
  13. Looks nice,sadly i do not have any RC accounts.Gl with further updates.