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  1. Testing this out atm, finally someone has started working on flagged account reviews. Thanks for the release.
  2. Dead content.
  3. My only mule, that got banned was a maxed pure with like 1.3k total . Just use a lvl 3 with a different IP and you'll be ok.
  4. You can find the full quest list here https://rsbuddy.com/community/topic/3171-barbs-osrs-berserker-pure-guide-1-million-views/
  5. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/46744-admin-partnered-todd-erickho123-credit-shop-automated-amazing-uptime-rsgp-only-scripts-for-rsgp-instantly/
  6. Looks cool, nice release.
  7. That's a nice tutorial, will definitely use it. Thanks.
  8. Hey, yesterday i bought 6.5 credits, received them immediately. Today i tried to buy 2 more and did not receive anything could you please look into that? Thanks @erickho123
  9. I'm on vacation.I'll be back in september.
  10. Ok,thanks, i will look into the IDS later.
  11. I'm currently on vacation,I will look into it when I come back home if I get more comments about it not working.I have tested it on 2 accounts.Make sure,that you fill the GUI to initiate the script and run the client in lite mode..If you get any errors C&P them.
  12. Did you enter the correct ID?
  13. Of course it is working.
  14. Waiting for your update . I have tested it on 2 accounts,there is a little chance,that it will crash,but you can restart it at any part.
  15. Download link updated. Added a GUI,now You'll be able to restart the script from basically anywhere!