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    Been botting for around 6 years and have played Runescape for 10 years. Third year engineering student. Due to time restrictions and up coming jobs I am aiming to be a support or even work my way to a moderator due to the lack of time I have for bot farming. have A levels in ICT and Programming.
  1. Pkpower

    New build for Multiple Accounts

    Sorry to be a downer but i have 16gb ram and octo cpu and I can only run 4/5 lg clients it sucks tough choice lower profit but make accounts last longer or risk it all for faster cash. I am happy to share a bit more info in pm if you give me info its kind of how i share my knowledge. You new to botting or been around for a while ?
  2. Pkpower

    New build for Multiple Accounts

    I could help if you respond to my question; lg or normal and budget ?
  3. Pkpower

    Buying Private Thieving Script

    Also though it would be best to use the correct format. Well... your meant to helps people see and keep it in the normal order. link for guide;
  4. Pkpower

    Buying Private Thieving Script

    no problem sorry to come across a bit dickish in a bad mood hope it helped. Keeps everyone safe and happy.
  5. Pkpower

    Buying Private Thieving Script

    I may be wrong here but payment will not be "payment will be in 07 gp or PP" payment must be through purchasing the script off the repository. edit; user Corrected and sorted post.
  6. Pkpower

    New build for Multiple Accounts

    i could be miles wrong as i use amd cpus but thats seems way too low for 30 -40 along with way to low for ram. Im guessing you dont mean with lg right ? if mean with lg then no way way way under.
  7. Maybe im a retard it has been known in the past but script seems broken to me. started with simple settings, Entangle hunt; dragon, mag, ninja start lane 4 script would just push through to first lane then back to centre over and over.
  8. Pkpower

    How many days your bot survive?

    The problem you have here is you are asking a very personal question. A lot of people have spent years to find methods and key things, I've botted for 5 years and there is a lot of stuff I dont know. This is mainly Jagex is constantly updating. People aren't very keen to share such valuable data especially when for some very successful botters this is there income. Also no offence but you are a new botter. The only people i share info with is people that have been around for a fairly long time that I know have worked hard. BUT key thing there is "SHARE" people i talk to I give some of my info i found out and they give a little of theirs so we are both happy and gaining experience.
  9. Pkpower

    How many days your bot survive?

    hahhahaha i thought i was the only crazy fool that felt this. I have often thought if i worked for jagex the joy of un-banning all my accounts and just seeing there stats again and what they had. Ive had about 20 max mains banned sad times.
  10. Title states it all, I am looking for someones help to make an extremely basic private server bot I have been told simba would be the method to do this. all it need to do if click a monster. I have no experience with simba or rsps bots. I am willing to pay or for a script Thank you.
  11. This is separate from my other request I am curious about a private server script, title states it all really. If it is possible and allowed will make a thread or contact scriptwriters that comment on this thread.
  12. Pkpower

    [P] Private Request

    contact me for details this is something I would like to keep private. Request: CombatDescription: CombatPayment Amount:Rough price; up to 500 (very negotiable)Time: Needed asap speed will also effect price.Additional: Accounts to be provided yes up to 6
  13. Pkpower

    nBarrows 2017 Development

    I think i might jump on that
  14. Pkpower


  15. Pkpower

    Tutorial Island

    Thats really odd I would say Extutorial is working perfectly fine sorry bud think issue your end :/