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  1. Looks nice, will try it later!
  2. Thankyou integer for this script: 68 hour proggy and it is still running Nice xp per hour and the costs are low. and btw if he releases the loot system u get profit:)
  3. There is a very high banrate at clay, around 50k per hour.
  4. The ban rate atm is high. 3 of my bot army's got banned , like 30 account in total couple weeks ago. My tip is to make 2 bots and goldfarm on them. i think that if u have 3+ bots u get banned fast, because i got 2 bots running for 1 week 24 hours a day and they didn't get banned yet. So use something like the new barrows script on 2 accounts or use an VPS
  5. Welcome on tribot. i hope to see some script from u soon! Im dutch to
  6. Application Form: Why do you want this account? because all my accounts got banned using all kinds of script , i am very unlucky with botting and both my mains got banned to. And also spend $60 dollar on runescape, i need to make it back and one of your account is perfect to start up an moneymaking script Why do you feel you deserve this account? because i am very unlucky with botting and i need some luck. A bit about yourself ( Get to know you briefly). Im 16 years old , i live in The Netherlands and i play like 4 hours a day i'm not the typical nerd that plays it whole day's , i also have friends beside runescape so botting is perfect for me because i can chill with friends and my bots are running when i come home. Sorry for my english..
  7. Maybe this would be a good idea. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20309-nightmare-zone-bot/
  8. Getting this bugs so often.. And http://gyazo.com/78303b5d78db470ee8188408c225dbed.. Standing there all the time and does nothing.. Please fix this
  9. still having this problem. It stands at bank with "withdrawing pure essence"
  10. It gets stuck in the bank pretty often. Just doesn't click on minimap. Bank keeps open and the mouse doesn't move.. http://gyazo.com/78303b5d78db470ee8188408c225dbed And sometimes at altar it stands still, doing nothing. idk why.
  11. What's the difference between this and USA's script? Might buy this one, since I've seen alot of trouble at USA's script. Is there any trouble with this script?
  12. wtf? this script ruined my 1 def pure.. It clicked in some weird way on longrange... gf 1 def pure... http://gyazo.com/ac34ee690a7df328e03b2a8f25cc38f9 I'm fucked..
  13. This script is amazing, it ran overnight but forgot to take a screenshot. It will run this night again, hopefully a new proggy
  14. Testing the script now, maybe you could at varrock tele tab support and pin support
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