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  1. @Druid Do you know when the script will be fixed in regards to the crafting of rune darts? It has been over a week since I purchased the script and have not yet been able to use it for my intended purpose. Thanks
  2. @Druid Yes i have rune dart tips and feathers. The sigma fletcher script seems to craft rune darts. I used you script to craft adamant darts with no issue. Thanks
  3. @Druid Hello, the script tells me "ending script, ran out of supplies" when I attempt to craft rune darts. What could be the issue? Let me know, thanks.
  4. Hello, I recently changed the dropping sleeper modifier settings by moving the scale from five to one and now the script will only drop using the regular right click dropping method instead of the shift key drop method it was using. I have since changed the sleep modifier back, but the script is still right click dropping.
  5. @AlphaDog Does the script support abc2?
  6. @AlphaDog Hey, I would be willing to pay more for an abc2 option as no other smithing script has it. I am not concerned about profit or xp an hour. I just want more safety. Will be waiting to purchase script until abc2 comes out. But I look forward to seeing it and buying the script
  7. Except because some people have a monopoly on certain scripts, like nightmare zone, you can't afford to not purchase the script if that is the task you wish to perform.
  8. I have been treated poorly by some scriptwriters and treated well by others. It depends who it is. At the end of the day you just have to stand up for yourself. There isn't anything they can do to you for standing up for yourself.
  9. Amazing stuff, can't wait to see the scripts implement your changes
  10. Sounds like I would check out the herbolore scripts to see what they offer. I believe a lot of what you are asking can be handled by some of the available scripts.
  11. @erickho123 Anyway I can get the stamina potion to bank after use? no matter what option I choose, it always keeps the stamina potion in my inventory so I have one less rune to craft
  12. jason32

    Trilez be like

    @Mark I believe he is only making a reference to the popular "I didn't steal your monkfish" quote. Don't think anyone thinks Trilez hacked their account. At least I would hope no one thought that
  13. Hello, Would anyone be willing to make a private script for me? Willing to pay well. Message me thanks
  14. jason32

    Pause VIP?

    Maybe message one of the admins, but I doubt you can put it on hold
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