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  1. usually tribot works fine after an update, but there is a known bug with the hooks that happens sometimes. make sure to run tribot twice after an update (only has to be done once after every update).
  2. yup all my bots got banned. even ones that botted for less than a day on 2-3 months old accs.
  3. script expired the day the tribot went online again, received the vip-e extension now but no script. i will re-buy the script later today, hopefully the 7 days will be added as well.
  4. great now just ask weath to extend our membership edit: i bought a script for 3 months and it expires today, if i buy it again today (before the extension was applied) will i still get additional 7 days? @TRiLeZ
  5. first of all thanks for the pickaxe upgrading fix, working great. do u think u can add gold nuggets obtained to the paint ?
  6. planning to add proxy support anytime?
  7. u just cant share these kind of stuff. i see 3 scenarios: 1. u hurt urself, making ur own method overused and therefore useless. 2. u hurt the rs community, overflooding the game with items/gold. 3. u hurt the botting community, allowing jagex to find solutions to stop the bots. the only things that can be shared are basic knowledge (such as proxies, flagged IP, dont bot 24/7 etc.) and theories, not actual working methods. if every1 is a successful botter, then no1 is.
  8. np, glad i could help. thanks for the quick response and hopefully fix
  9. i also seem to have problem with pickaxe upgrading. i have 3 diff profiles 1-15 15-30 and mlm, and it doesnt upgrade from bronze. i think it has something to do with the bronze pickaxe being equipped? if im not mistaken i once manually upgraded to mith and the script upgraded to rune later on.
  10. does the script support breaks?
  11. how exactly breaks work with this script? it says "we will take a break after this trip", does that mean 6 hours? @erickho123
  12. dont think any script is ever safe to use. maybe it was a single ban wave, maybe its being watched now, who knows. id say we need to run the script for at least 1-2 weeks to find out.
  13. yup... he also banned a lot of mules for RWT lately. fresh account? botwatch was down for a week and now that its back, wont be surprised if the 24/7 days are over for our beloved ge script.
  14. same here, lost all of my accounts. seems like weath wasnt kidding.