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  1. does the script support breaks?
  2. how exactly breaks work with this script? it says "we will take a break after this trip", does that mean 6 hours? @erickho123
  3. dont think any script is ever safe to use. maybe it was a single ban wave, maybe its being watched now, who knows. id say we need to run the script for at least 1-2 weeks to find out.
  4. yup... he also banned a lot of mules for RWT lately. fresh account? botwatch was down for a week and now that its back, wont be surprised if the 24/7 days are over for our beloved ge script.
  5. same here, lost all of my accounts. seems like weath wasnt kidding.
  6. ur IP is probably flagged. u can use LG if ur scared about tribot client getting ur mule banned. u can also use vpn or change ur IP if its dynamic.
  7. when out of flax it keeps spamming the item with IDFlax doesnt exist in your bank and keeps the acc logged in. can u make it stop the script when out of flax? @Druid
  8. i was imagining a 1 room and a small kitchen when he compared that 200euro to 1500usd. here u can also find 2 bedroom apartment for 1500usd. (also for like 700usd, depends on location). anyways i think we're going a bit off topic lets keep it related to its purpose.
  9. holy shit where do u live? are we talking about a small apartment? afaik guthans is considered low exp but the most afkable (click every 20 mins). i think ppl do dharoks + absorbs now but not too afkable, gotta click that rapid heal every 50 sec (less than 1 min).
  10. script has problem scrolling down for items like knife and leather. @Usa it just doesnt scorll down and keeps writing the word so it looks something like "LeatherLeatherLeather" and so on.
  11. running the script as well now to test it, so far so good. paint not working. will update if i see any bug (will lend u an account if i find 1). @Druid
  12. i wouldnt use a gold farming script on my main, id just make another acc and transfer the gold. if u do however want to do it, look around and try to find a script with low ban rates (or a private script) and bot smartly. unless u dont care about losing the account of course, but nats will probably get u banned sooner or later (most likely sooner).
  13. does it say "could not connect to the specified proxy."? make sure u press enter every time u fill a slot, make sure there are no spaces and make sure all the info is correct. you can also download maxthon browser and check if the proxy even works.
  14. you definitely wanna invest in a premium script. not saying that all the free scripts are bad, there are actually some good free scripts out there. you pay for quality and faster updates, make sure to read the last posts to check how the script is working. careful with the abyss tho, high ban rate.