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      TRiBot Downtime   02/26/2017

      Due to the Runescape update on February 23, all bots are down until TRiBot can be patched manually.
      TRiBot's auto-updater usually handles updates automatically, but some updates require this to be done by hand.
      Since the day of the update, Lead Developer TRiLeZ has been working on getting the patch finished as soon as possible.

      Users will be reimbursed for all VIP days lost due to downtime.

      A new thread/announcement will be created once the patch is finished.


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  1. Nah I might test my luck n get 99 RC on it after unban XD If it ban oh well, I'll make another account and start again
  2. Stun + alch all the way XD I was getting over 2m XP a day lol I was always in the top 10 at runetracker competing with lynx titan XD and there is some day I would be rank 1 overall XP gain in a day
  3. I was very impressed with tribot that I could survive this long!!
  4. Hey guy, after botting for 3 and a half month and 18-20 hours a day, I finally got a 2 days ban lmao. Within all this time I was able to get 99 attack, 99 strength, 99 defence, 99 Hotpoint, 99 range, 99 magic, 99 cook, 91 fishing, 90 agility, 80 mining and lastly 92 theiving ( last skill I train before ban) Anyway this will be the end of botting for my account! Thank you for all the scripts and scripters that wrote them! I also got 98 farming just from tree and fruit tree run everyday while botting xD
  5. Any news on the lava runes? if u need acc for magic imbue etc.. contact me!
  6. can u fix lava runes plz It keep spam using earth runes on alter and can u add magic imbue?
  7. Ello was wondering what the problem is when i try to set up my Dynamic Signatures,it keeps saying it cant find my user-name.
  8. I feel your pain man. Ive been buying for a crazy high price. Would be nice to have that BTC back
  9. because they are over priced. i rather pay 1 credit for $1 instead of 1 credit for like 1.3m osrs gold. Hopely bitcoin payment will come back soon
  10. this is prob whats happening with me right now. Ive been botting 15+ hours a day. Monday - Sunday non stop and still haven't got ban hammer yet. Maybe ill get ban next month or idk.
  11. are you using lg?
  12. can i ask what ur set up is? like the mouse speed, ect..
  13. i am using LG, is there any recommend for the set up to get maximum xp rate? if its too much work then dont worry about it thank you!