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  1. danik5000

    That moment

    how u did appeal on macro banned acconut?
  2. awsome:) thats hard way becouse if i need 10 bots i need register 30+ accounts manulay brb i will try to non stop make 5 acc on same ip
  3. already done that 5 times on every ip lol im doing 1 ip 1 account just tryed to do difirend email and passwords then reg. still getting locked.
  4. Something strange was happend with my farm. almost all my accounts( 9/10) getting locked like they are stealed. Maby some 1 know how to fix it? info: - just bougt 8 fresh proxyes. and almost all account getting locked after tuturial island. - im doing tut island manualy! - using maxtron browser to make accounts pleace need fast response! dd
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