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  1. Xpointerset

    Paying 10% of bot farm revenue for some information

    Backconnect proxies. 10% pls, you can transfer the money to my paypal, thanks.
  2. Xpointerset

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    So a wait time between loads would solve this right?
  3. Xpointerset

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Ever so often i get the error [22:28:45] Failed to auto-start script "Scriptname" (SCRIPT NOT FOUND).. Happens about 1 out of 4-5 times. What causes this? I have the data (email, scriptname, arguments) fetched from a file, so shouldn't be a issue of wrong input.
  4. Xpointerset

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Yeah weird, i also have a preffered world selected for each account, but it just selects a random world anyways, isn't really a huge issue though.
  5. Xpointerset

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    -world argument seems not to function on ubuntu 16.04, all else is fine. I've tried arguments : -world, -World, -worlds, -Worlds.
  6. Xpointerset

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    For it to work you need to add the proxies to proxy manager beforehand right?
  7. Xpointerset

    Tribots Antiban

    Think of it like this, Tribots antiban makes you not look like other bots rather than just mimicking human behavior. The majority of bans don' t happen from mods actually looking at players, but from a sheet of data just monitoring your actions, movements peed, etc. Some things may look weird when you visually look the mouse movements, but just think about how it looks like in a data sheet. (This is just my perception of things)
  8. Script gets stuck during tutorial island final dialog with magic instructor. [20:03:18] [DialogueThread] Waiting for dialogue to start.... [20:03:18] [DialogueThread] Dialogue successfully started [20:03:18] [DialogueThread] Holding spacebar... [20:03:19] [DialogueThread] Releasing spacebar... [20:03:19] Sending option: 1 [20:03:20] [DialogueThread] Holding spacebar... [20:03:20] [DialogueThread] Releasing spacebar... [20:03:20] [DialogueThread] Finished with success value of false [20:03:20] Starting dialogueThread... [20:03:20] [DialogueThread] Thread started [20:03:20] [DialogueThread] Needs to click npc [20:03:20] [DialogueThread] Attempting to click npc [20:03:20] regex: (\QTalk-to\E) (.* )*?(-> )?Magic Instructor(.*) There are like 20 peoople in each wolrd trying to talk to him so i guess it' s happening for a lot of people ;D
  9. Xpointerset

    Does you're BOTTED account always end up banned?

    Hunter is probably one of the most botted p2p skill, so yeah, if you're using a public script it will probably eventually get banned.
  10. Xpointerset

    Exception in Thread "AWT- EventQueue-1"

  11. I'm using the normal client. You can probably replicate the bug by just banking the note when she gives it to you. I don't realy know what causes the bot to bank it in the first place, but adding a failsafe to check if the note is in your inventory whilst trying to give it to romeo would solve it I guess.
  12. Do you need a bug report for this? For 100 accounts the bug occured around 30% of the time.
  13. Romeo and juliet quest bugged. Stuck in a dialog, keep getting message waiting for dialoge start. Its the dialog when you have to bring romeo juliets message, but somehow the bot has eather lost or banked the message, so he goes into a loop just speaking to romeo.