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  1. I wouldnt recommend buying proxies from proxyfish.com. Tried it over the last month with 13x proxies and basically every day 2-3 proxies are offline. If one is fixed, two more are down the next day. Really unprofessional, Client support takes ages to reply. I am cancelling my next renewals and looking for another provider. Get your shit together before running a proxy hosting service.
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  3. I am having a problem with one of my scripts. when a new client is opened, after 10-20 hours of running script, the client usually freezes and needs to be restarted. Most likely, it's a memory issue, I think that something in my script is causing too much memory storage. I double checked, that I am closing ABCL2 instance on stopping script. What else could be causing too high memory useage in my script? What should I look for? I tried increasing heap space to 1024, however this doesn't provide a fix. Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm pretty stupid when it comes to cyber security, what information makes my computer unique from other computers (Besides ip ofcourse) ? A different MAC adress and a hardware ID would make it seem I use a different device, or are there more things to consider?
  5. That's not where my problem lies. I make all my new bots on my personal pc (tutorial island, quests, skills), and when i'm done i swap them to a vps. What makes them all the same is i train them on the same pc, what i want to find is a program that can fake my PC information after every account i make, so they are not connected thus mitigating any chain bans. Can't find anything like that tho. And training accounts on VPS is extremely slow, from the bad connection.
  6. Perhaps you know any ways to hide/change my pc information? I've been searching for a couple of hours and all i could find is https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Main_Page , but i haven't tested it yet, nor i completely understand how it works.
  7. Lets say i'm running 40 accounts on 40 different proxies, can runescape tell that all these 40 accounts are being used on the same device, from my system information?
  8. dont do it
  9. Id like to disagree. Even if you find enough people that would participate in this project, the results would be presented to the public, jagex would see them and simply update botwatch. This definately is a short term solution.
  10. britain leaving = "o shit" for uk = "o shit for jagex" = spins in osrs. Mark my words, mark my words.
  11. Why would they be focused on tourney? all content is already made and only 2000 accounts play it, it shouldn't take up much resources. probably just a coincidence.
  12. not sure if troll post or 4 real.
  13. This will be solely for my own gold-farm. Thank you for your answers, hosting a page seems the easiest option.
  14. Good morning. I want to write a muling scripts that sends data through server, however I don't have any experience in this. I could not find any topics on this in tribot forums. If anybody has experience in this could you please share some ideas on how could it be done? I am thinking maybe host a website and then use URL to read data? I really have no idea, if you could guide me in the right direction, It would be very helpful. EDIT: would sockets be a good option? Thank you very much, Xpointerset.
  15. i transfer gold to my mule every evening via duel arena. Hasn't gotten me any bans since i've strated using arena instead of trading.