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  1. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's ArdyCloak [GE support] [Quick]

    Pie's ArdyCloak Does all steps needed to unlock Ardougne cloak 1 and completes the quests that are required for it! (Plague city, Biohazard, Rune mysteries). Will buy all the items needed off the GE if none of the quests have been started/completed and no progress has been made in the Ardougne diary. Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2919 Features: Does all steps required for easy Ardougne diary. Completes quests if needed for some of the steps. Buys item off the GE if account are fresh-ish. Requirements: 5 thieving Rusty sword Some GP in the bank or items listed below Items needed (if there is progress in the diary/quests, will buy items off GE itself if no progress has been made) (items purchase off GE support at any point of progress will probably be added later on): Diary: Plague city: Biohazard: Rune mysteries: If you have all the required items, just run it and watch it go!
  2. EasyAsPieee

    Please welcome our new developers

    Best news of this year so far here.
  3. Just try to release open source scripts, ask questions on stuff you don't understand/would like to improve on. Nobody wants or has time to play around with you all the time and "mentor" you. You just have to learn yourself. You can also check good scripting practices in scripter applications, they helped me when I started out here.
  4. EasyAsPieee

    A few questions for a returning botter

    It's high banrate imo. Almost everything now is. Unless it's a good method, which little people know of. Selling stuff to general stores is not rarely known.
  5. EasyAsPieee

    A few questions for a returning botter

    All I can say is that botting got rough lately, and you need most help that you can get (that being proxies etc). There's no "difficult to detect something like this" anymore. It's not like jmods hop around and have "aha" moments finding u
  6. EasyAsPieee

    Does the GE interface update when closed?

    Afaik only way of doing what you want is looking at the game messages. There's no direct correlation between anything in the game and what goes on in the GE. Edit: (other than the GE interface ofcourse)
  7. EasyAsPieee

    Grand Exchange Buying Limits Parser

    Aren't you parsing RS3's limits here?
  8. EasyAsPieee

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

    Lifetime auth removal and now this..... Smh..........
  9. EasyAsPieee

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

    It really hurts looking at the numbers...
  10. EasyAsPieee

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

    7b lost already... Damn....
  11. EasyAsPieee

    9 Accounts banned from last nights server crash

    Imagine waiting the whole day to post a whine that u lost money on bonds when there's twitch prime. Brainlet
  12. EasyAsPieee

    Looking Glass and Proxy won't work.

    It would be really helpful if you would provide us with steps you have tried so far.
  13. EasyAsPieee

    ABC2 Mouse Movement Off Screen

    It can't be randomised, as that's bad, but I agree on the fact that it should be a little more diverse than 95% of the time leaving on the top (if not more).
  14. EasyAsPieee

    Make-all interface snippet

    This took me a bit to make it work nicely, so I thought I'd share it with ya (all code from my other API packages are provided inside the class as private enums/classes/interfaces): package scripts.api.util; import org.tribot.api.General; import org.tribot.api.Timing; import org.tribot.api.input.Keyboard; import org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterface; import java.util.Arrays; public class MakeAllUtil { public static boolean makeItems(String itemName, boolean waitToStart, MAKE_AMOUNT make_amount) { if (!isMakeAllOpen()) return false; if (!selectAmountButton(make_amount)) return false; RSInterface[] children = getMakeAllInterface().getChildren(); if (children == null) return false; // based on observation that only the selectable boxes have component names RSInterface[] correctChildren = Arrays.stream(children) .filter(rsInterface -> rsInterface.getComponentName() != null && !rsInterface.getComponentName().isEmpty()) .toArray(RSInterface[]::new); for (int i = 0; i < correctChildren.length; i++) { RSInterface child = correctChildren[i]; if (child.getComponentName().contains(itemName)) { Keyboard.typeSend(Integer.toString(i + 1)); return !waitToStart || Timing.waitCondition(new Condition(() -> !isMakeAllOpen()), General.random(3500, 5000)); } } return false; } public static boolean makeItems(String itemName){ return makeItems(itemName, true, MAKE_AMOUNT.ALL); } public static boolean isMakeAmountSelected(MAKE_AMOUNT amount) { RSInterface makeAllButton = getAmountButton(amount); return makeAllButton != null && makeAllButton.getActions() == null; } public static boolean selectAmountButton(MAKE_AMOUNT amount) { if (isMakeAmountSelected(amount)) return true; RSInterface makeAllButton = getAmountButton(amount); return makeAllButton != null && makeAllButton.click(); } public static boolean isMakeAllOpen(){ return getMakeAllInterface() != null; } public static RSInterface getAmountButton(MAKE_AMOUNT amount){ RSInterface makeAllInterface = getMakeAllInterface(); if(makeAllInterface == null) return null; return makeAllInterface.getChild(amount.id); } public static RSInterface getMakeAllInterface(){ return Interfaces.get(270); } public enum MAKE_AMOUNT{ // these are IDs of interfaces, might need to be changed due to updates ONE(7), FIVE(8), TEN(9), ALL(12); public int id; MAKE_AMOUNT(int id){ this.id = id; } } private interface BooleanLambda{ boolean active(); } private static class Condition extends org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition{ private BooleanLambda lambda; public Condition(BooleanLambda lambda){ super(); this.lambda = lambda; } @Override public boolean active() { return lambda.active(); } } } Let me know if there are any problems with it, thanks!
  15. EasyAsPieee

    TRiBot Release 9.400_0

    Ur a star