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  1. EasyAsPieee

    Where to Find ID's?

    Best convenience is not using ID's and combining NPC name with actions it has
  2. EasyAsPieee

    bot is broken?

  3. EasyAsPieee

    Looking for script ideas

  4. EasyAsPieee

    Looking for script ideas

    I don't mean exactly TASKS, just any script that someone would like (not aiming at regular players ONLY, farming scripts are fine too). But thanks for the recommendation, I'll keep something like that in mind.
  5. EasyAsPieee

    Looking for script ideas

    Ok, already uploading it with all skill training and gear gathering included.
  6. EasyAsPieee

    Looking for script ideas

    Hello, I'm looking for script ideas. If you're in need of some simple task automated (don't come and say "make slayer script pls"), let me know about them in this thread and perhaps you will get a script on it soon! Thanks!
  7. EasyAsPieee

    Avoiding repeated code

    No, it would still be a single principle of creating a construction item, of which name and plank type is provided.
  8. EasyAsPieee

    Avoiding repeated code

    So write a method that takes those 2 different things as parameters and call that method? That's literally what they're for - removing repeating code
  9. EasyAsPieee

    Coding Convention

    Anything that seems more clear to you is better.
  10. EasyAsPieee

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    Not working fix!
  11. EasyAsPieee

    Tribot Bug [4/26/2018] Right Clicking Broken.

    He probably meant that the work could be almost finished.
  12. EasyAsPieee

    Tribot Bug [4/26/2018] Right Clicking Broken.

  13. EasyAsPieee

    Tribot Chat

    Why discord doesn't want us?
  14. EasyAsPieee

    [Snippet] Connect TRiBot to SQL with Node.js

    Whacking up sequelize for this has helped me a bunch and it's easy to understand