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  1. I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be _1, no? Since there's no post about that
  2. TRiBot Release 9.308_0

    It's easily fixable, hit me up on discord or pm here if u need help getting it back up. And deluxe's is broken because it depends on constructors, which are removed
  3. TRiBot Release 9.308_0

  4. Are you sure you're not trying to turn on RS3?
  5. add some more convenient way to use external libraries

    There's no CLI to begin with
  6. Is it possible to make 500k/hr using a P2P level 3?

    "Hi can anyone tell me how do i get free money tyvm"
  7. buy mule Auto private scripts

    I doubt anyone is going to reply to your request with the data you have provided
  8. Well you tell us whether both are banned now, we can't check for you
  9. SOCKS: Connection not allowed by ruleset

    Are you sure you have not blocked it in firewall settings?
  10. [Snippet] High alch

    If something is never null by definition it is a bad practice to null check it lol
  11. ABC2 on Attack Method

    What I would do right now (I don't use ABC but whatever) is raise another if condition on the Timing.waitCondition where it waits for you to be in combat, and then start the stopwatch or whatever to track how long your kill took. Then, after the kill is done, you stop the stopwatch, get ABCProperties, and set them accordingly (is in attack, the waiting time, blah blah blah) and sleep the reaction time. Have in mind, the reaction times are quite huge. P.S. Things are case sensitive here, if you want to attack a Man then do "Attack Man", also don't use static numbers, use General.random. Target can be invisible to camera but reachable, so the method won't do anything if the target is far away for example. The boolean passed to canReach should be false, since Man is not an object, it's an NPC (a box is an object).
  12. My client status is bugged

    Are u 11 now
  13. buy

    Post because requested.
  14. MessageListening

    You don't need to add listeners anywhere. If you get a server message your serverMessageReceived(message) method gets called, the way you use that is all upon you.