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  1. @Druid Script fucking up big time. Opens bank to take food and tries eating the food without closing the bank. (rightclicks the food, clicks elsewhere, repeats). Impossible to use. E: It fixes itself after some time. Still, definetly a thing to fix. E2: Also, I noticed that when stunned, the bot keeps hovering on the NPC every 0.3 seconds. I don't remember the bot doing that before :?
  2. Some logic behind cake stealing could be changed to make it less bot-like: 1. Check for combat before stealing, because now if I'm attacked by a guard, I will most certainly attempt to steal one more time, which, when repeating, creates a pattern. 2. Change the safe route a bit. 6-7 squares is more than enough, but sometimes the bot ends up running outside of ardy (through the east side, goes around the small wall). 3. I know this means tweaking ABCL, but now, if there's more than 1 people stealing the cakes, the bot fails 99% of the time. Reaction time is bad for these things, as people tend to just spamclick or click as soon as the cakes come up, while the bot clicks too late, not getting the cake. Getting 5 cakes in an hour and still trying to do it the same way is a lot more botlike than having a lower reaction time than someone told you to. 4. I know this ain't hard to code - please implement an action for going to steal for food when thieving. Like, bot runs out of food -> runs to the cake stall (IF stealing in ardy ofc) and just runs back to the place he thieved. Thanks! E: Also, when thieving knights @ ardy castle, if the bot is inside the castle, and the knight goes outside of it (i mean behind the walls etc), the bot will not go to it, just casually standing in the middle of the castle, even though the knight is easily clickable. This works the other way around sometimes too, when the bot manages to get out of castle, it struggles to get back into it.
  3. How am I "obviously" new to scripting? I'm actually taking computer science classes and am finishing up a java course in the upcoming month..
  4. I know this sounds stupid, but how do I normally use a snippet? :? Do I put it somewhere in the .tribot directory or just compile 2 classes for my script?
  5. The second lines gave me an idea, which I'll use, thanks. But still, they don't do it simultaneously, which I would REALLY like :??
  6. Hello guys, so I'm currently writing a script that has to turn it's camera to a specific tile and a specific angle. Current, what I have is : Camera.turnToTile(object[0].getPosition()); Camera.setCameraAngle(0); But it's very very bot-like, since it turns horizontally to the spot and only then vertically, also does this at the exact angle, and since I need this rotate every 2-3 minutes it would really seem bot-like in a few hours. Is there some method or a snippet that I'm missing which would make working with camera more smooth?
  7. How does it work? The API makes it hard to understand for me, so let's say I have this code: Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active(){ General.sleep(200,300); return Player.getAnimation() == -1; } },General.random(500,750)); I want the bot to sleep all the time until he finishes his animation. What I want to ask. Does condition repeat itself? Or is it just checked once and then passed on? If so, is there a more efficient way to put in than just hooking it up to a while cycle? Thank you!
  8. That makes sense, thanks! And as I have taken an override from another script once, the abstract classes create new files, right? Because my script is now divided into 2 files, *.class and *$1.class ?
  9. Since you use it as a boolean for the if statement you can rightfully use it as a boolean for return statement E: Could I find something somewhere about writing conditions? All the @override stuff etc etc feels so new to me, would like to read about it a little :?
  10. What do you mean by implementing my own walking method?
  11. I remember reading that WebWalking is really... Bannable? The threads were pretty old, is it better now?
  12. What is considered a currently loaded area? The block that doesnt require "Loading... Please wait" box? If so, what size is it?
  13. Hey there guys. I started scripting recently, and I'm working on some scripts for deadman mode. The problem that came up for me is that if I die while doing something, the bot should go to top lummy bank, withdraw a tablet and teleport back where needed, but it just starts running elsewhere. The problem that causes this I believe is that, for example, I call: PathFinding.aStarWalk(bank.getRandomTile()); It finds the path, sets it, and just does step by step, and if killed, the step doesn't kick off and is just attempted to do further? If so, would there be any way to like... Stop ANYTHING that the bot was doing if in combat/dead? Thank you!
  14. The script is really nice, finally got my first overnight! The only thing I'm missing and it has been mentioned before is the option to take more food from stalls for continuos thieving, because after someone suicided on me I now have to wait a couple of hours to steal some cakes to start thieving again... :?