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  1. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    Must be, will check it out later today.
  2. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    I'd have to ensure that you have everything zoomed out then, as there are some places where you can't do it without the minimap otherwise. I'll think about it though, perhaps I'll implement it later, but no promises.
  3. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    Could you PM me a video of it happening or something, or atleast the location.
  4. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    Right now -
  5. EasyAsPieee

    Problems with black screen looking glass? Read this

    Or use runelite which is better than osb anyway
  6. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    @Memberino , @SlarkenTV fixed the issue
  7. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's ArdyCloak [GE support] [Quick]

    I'll look into this later tonight.
  8. EasyAsPieee

    How does emblem farming work?

    Hit target Get emblem ??/ Profit
  9. EasyAsPieee

    sexyTutorial Tutorial Island solver (Open Source)

    Just look into settings available to you... By that I mean there's a specific number which provides you with what step into tutorial are you, and then you wouldn't have to do the outrageous text checks... E: Oh, you actually do use them. You could also use them and not have to check the text on interfaces to decide your next step.
  10. EasyAsPieee

    New Staker Please.

    Even with 52/48 odds and 100M staked on both sides you profit ~3M each stake, with tax included. And that's kinda easy odds to get.
  11. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    I don't see a problem with getting stams, but I'll probably do handles for some parts of the maze and add the no stam option. Not gonna happen really soon tho.
  12. EasyAsPieee

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    Pie's Rogues' Den Does Rogues' Den minigame quickly and effectivelly. Since it uses some of things that make the run REALLY efficient, the run MIGHT fail at times, although not often. If the fail rate is > 20% for you, let me know. Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2971 Features: Runs the minigame using some of the best methods available. Uses stamina pots and energy pots to do the runs as fast as possible. Banks all loot crates found. Requirements: Start the script in the Rogues' Den (not inside the minigame, but where the banker and the fire is). You need to talk to Brian O'Richard once. (for him to allow you to play the minigame) Please have stamina potions and energy potions (4 dosed) in your bank. (if starting from scratch and looking for 5 crates, 20 stamina pots and 80 energy pots should be enough) (if no pots are provided, the script won't work) If there are any issues, please let me know!
  13. EasyAsPieee

    Need help with writing a color bot (woodcutting)

    I'll leak the immunity method: Perform the dance emote every 15min. Thank me later
  14. EasyAsPieee

    Get Current Proxy

    The requests go through the PC's IP, not TRiBot's. There's no nice way to get your proxy IP, the best solution that I used is pass it through arguments.