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  1. I can't get looking glass to work? Does anyone have a fix for that?
  2. If you find a way to get things working let me know. I just bought Vip+ and have a hard enough time fixing errors for looking glass and now I realized it is broken... ?
  3. I hate how if I buy a proxy add it, create an account & email under that then start botting and the account gets banned. I waste a bond + that proxy's IP address.. What is the best way to ensure the proxies are of high quality? Any recommendations? Thanks so much.
  4. not sure why but when I hit start says its a private script and wont start
  5. I see that but with 1000 + users it seems like it would get banned faster. Also, that has some trade feature which I would not want the accounts trading anything. Also, on VPS any idea on names of ones that run multiple rs accs while running that bot at same time. I don't mind how much the price is per month on the VPS just would like the most effective one.
  6. Request: - Need Advertising script on 2007 Description: - I need a script that is able to do maybe 1-2 lines of text at least every few seconds. However, I need to have multiple accounts going at once and if possible a log out detection if a PMOD comes near. I'm not sure if the second part is possible just let me know. Basically I want to have 15-25 accounts going at once on runescape 07 and not sure how to run a adv script on all at once. If you have knowledge on VPS that could support multiple accounts would also be a bonus because I'm not looking to have a script that gets all accounts IP chain banned. Payment Amount: - up to 100.00 USD. Maybe more depending on what you can offer. Time: - Maybe by next week or so. Additional: - Not sure how hard a task like this would be just looking for a really good script that works for the amount of accounts I want to have on at once. The accounts I have will be banned I'm just looking for a way to avoid them all banned at once if possible and as least often as possible. Thanks
  7. @Flax thank you . Opps My bad should of scrolled down
  8. Alright, so I need help but I'm looking to grow fast and profit lots in RS from goldfarmings. Right now I've got a good VPS and some scripts and such from Tri-bot I'm just a little new and this is overwhelming as i have to set up the VPS and make accounts and see if the scripts are running etc... Basically I was wondering if any1 would help and maybe I could pay. I'm looking to grow so maybe even partner if possible we could grow lots as I'm very dedicated and able to spend 3-4 hrs a weekday along with 8hrs+ weekeneds if needed.
  9. So i bought the VIP thing, I think I need VIP extra the like 9 dollar one, im wondering if there is a add on for like 4 dollars instead of paying the full price. If not i guess i'll wait out my month and then go to it.
  10. If any1 can help me with this i might pay like no joke this is the hardest thing to do it never runs and just has chracter stand still lost the whole time
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