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  1. Any hints on how to use breaks, cause my account got banned after 6 hours (in break half that time).
  2. Any reason why my stringing per hour is not near the 2.1k it should be? Its sitting around 1k-1.3k
  3. Thanks everyone for the help ^^ I did submit a ticket to get an IP change, I will let you guys know if it worked!
  4. Hi there, its my first post on the forum as I normally get all my answers by searching but after a few days I cant seem to get a solution to my problem, ive seen some people have the same problem as me but none have had a reply. Here goes: I would like to use socks5 proxies to bot on with tribot, the tribot feature works fine and all to run the proxy but where it gets touchy is for the character creation. I need to have the same IP used to create the account that the one ill use on tribot. Here is what I tried: -Running RS3 in tribot with the proxy and creating the account in tribot directly. The account got locked after about 5 seconds (I did try this about 5 times with different private proxies) -Running maxthon browser to create my RS account with the socks5 proxy feature enabled. I had the same results as the previous method, after a bit of internet surfing I found out that it was probably because the IP was hidden in the browser but not while using java (which RS uses). So I had the idea to hide the IP from specific programs or even all programs instead of only the browser. -Running proxycap, the software is made to use some kinds of proxies such as socks5 proxies and to hide your original IP for specific programs. Ive set it to all programs to be sure it would affect java, sadly this did not work too. The accounts end up being locked not for botting reasons but for security mesures as they are used on different IPs. My question is: How do you guys create your rs accounts and then bot on tribot using a socks5 proxy.
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