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  1. i'm 20, hard to say the wrong age..
  2. Unfortunately you are not eligible to create a RuneScape account. Um what the fuck?
  3. I should have thought of that.. Do you have much experince in coding applications etc?
  4. I didn't really know what section to post this into.. I'm looking into coding a very basic app for andriod, that will store data to a computer database using Username/Password. How hard is it for this to be set up? I understand large companies could easily do this as they have the expandable resourses. I want data that a user has enter on a mobile application to be able to be opened on a computer programme. Any help would be lovely!
  5. NMZ Seller

    What quests are needed? Thinking about doing it on my noob account
  6. Major item price manulipation

    It's YOUR part of the community as well, you're a VIP on this site too. I don't gold farmer personally, I enjoy botting 2-4 accounts for in-game wealth to spend on skills, and items. Every game has it's problems, look at Diablo 3, Real world trading killed that game.
  7. Major item price manulipation

    People are going to exploit a way to make real life money, without having to do anything. Some gold farmers are making more money than Jagex employees. I can understand why they do it, but it's just a risk starting up.
  8. Monkey Madness Quest Script

    If this would be possible, I would just make DDS stakers, then sell them- I would love you.
  9. Oh I see, that's a good idea - might get a few k..
  10. Does this actually make money? I don't see many people buying potatos'?
  11. How much for 77 hp, 70 def, 70 range, karil xbow, black dhide?
  12. We're hiring!

    Brilliant, I might have ago at applying. I'm an ex-zybez content team member.