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  1. Don't have PayPal, what other methods can I use?
  2. i'm 20, hard to say the wrong age..
  3. Unfortunately you are not eligible to create a RuneScape account. Um what the fuck?
  4. Welcome to my service's thread. I have wanted to do this for some time now and I finally have gotten around to it! I have a very keen interest in Business, and Accounting in general. I am currently studying AAT accounting, and saw there was no one else doing this sort of service. The service I am offering vary from Accounting such as Payroll, Profit and Loss sheets, PayPal reconciliation to complete update version of your accounts. I can offer business advice, as much as my knowledge can offer. Different services require different time scales to complete for example Profit and Loss could take 15minutes, or 15 hours depending on if you keep invoices etc. I can understand some people would NOT need to use this service, but for the gold farm whos doing many transactions and dont not have time to keep up with the paper work. I can also offer spreadsheets for Profit and Loss. Payment and Pricing can be different from every client. Payment will be required upfront, unless we're on Credit terms. If you've got any questions please PM me or add me on Skype
  5. If you go first, sure.
  6. Why pay, when we could do it ourselves? After all, this is a botting site.
  7. How much for Monkey maddness, 1 defence and pray?
  8. I should have thought of that.. Do you have much experince in coding applications etc?
  9. I didn't really know what section to post this into.. I'm looking into coding a very basic app for andriod, that will store data to a computer database using Username/Password. How hard is it for this to be set up? I understand large companies could easily do this as they have the expandable resourses. I want data that a user has enter on a mobile application to be able to be opened on a computer programme. Any help would be lovely!
  10. pissed.
  11. Pm me, I'll do it for you.