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  1. Used this to get 40 att 40 str, pretty good script and you can leave it for a while and it doesn't mess up, getting about 8kxp/hr at the end. Just in terms of efficiency improvements, it waits quite a while between kills, and occasionally attacks a monk which is much further away even when there is a monk standing right next to you. Another thing to mention, when you have a higher hp level you don't really need to be healed every time your hp goes below half, maybe below 20% or something would be better. Nice script though, good job.
  2. Nice guide but not sure I agree about the last rule. Often when botting things like fishing it is much better to be on a busy world, then you just blend in to the mass numbers of other players and botters which makes it easy to go un-noticed, especially if you follow the other rules on this guide. One other thing you could add, make sure you change from the default character look, that just screams bot.
  3. Thanks for the update and thanks for the 2 days. It definitely wasn't necessary to reimburse, most of use realize that not everything runs smoothly 100% of the time in the real world, but it's much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
  4. Script is working great for me man ty! Might get premium if I can afford it soon Anyway here is a nice 10 hour proggy from today.
  5. Read the info properly before you start the script. You don't have to select what you are fishing for unless you are harpooning tuna/shark. For everything else you just start the script in the bank or at the fishing spot and it will work out what you are fishing for. I get this occasionally if there aren't any cage spots except the one closest to the bank. I think sometimes when it looks like it's doing nothing it is actually just an anti-ban break though
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