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  1. What was your mouse setting for the bot? User with misclicks or more pro? Also, what type of breaks did you take?
  2. Alright, finding some flaws in the blackjacking portion of the bot. I hate how it just sits on "lure" for a good 30 seconds and just lets the menaphite hit you. I've died a couple times from this, and luckily I was actually watching it so I could go get my things. I'm assuming it takes short breaks from clicking for antiban purposes, but maybe you can implement it so that it still eats during that time instead of just stand there, looking like an absolute bot, taking hits and dying...
  3. Finding nothing wrong with the blackjacking portion of the bot, but how come there isn't an xp/hr on the splash art? Update: Couple days later, and this thing won't stop luring the menaphite after its already been lured. Just lets it hit you and eats all of your food, while getting no theiving exp. Dissappointing.
  4. h0tsh0t

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    On the Falador course, if you've levelled up, it tries to click through the chatbox to start the course again, and ends up just continually clicking on the chatbox without moving.
  5. h0tsh0t

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    So far so good for me! Works flawlessy for Draynor and Varrock courses from what I've seen. Love the human clicking feature where it kind of clicks around a lot trying to hit the next jump like a human trying to click it too fast does. Also, like the AFK feature. Let you know if I find any bugs.
  6. I've been checking this bot out and reading posts and such.. Have you gotten many complaints about this bot getting accounts banned? Doesn't look like there are many posts about it, but with a bot that requires so much stats, and stuff, it is hard to make another account just to use this bot on. What are your thoughts on this?