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  1. Is the script messing up for anyone else? I'm getting an error that I've exceeded the number of instances I can run, but I'm only running it on one account. I have tried closing and restarting triBot, I have tried restarting my computer, and I have tried re downloading the client. Just wondering if this is an issue currently going on this script, or the triBot client. Thank you.
  2. rip. alright thanks. So wanna buy 5?
  3. h0tsh0t

    Max Time To Bot

    Were they botted 99s?
  4. Gotten 3 accounts banned very shortly after eachother.
  5. Automatic. I know this was answered, but honestly i just need the post count. Love you.
  6. Damn, thats gay. Is that even with 100 posts, or because I have less than 100 posts?
  7. rip ps. thanks for the free post count
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