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  1. TriBot should separate hardware links and game cache links, making a VM useless. Only reason to use a VM would be for VPN. It's not necessary for Socks5.
  2. It's IP based or cache based I think. I can't remember. Either way, sandbox cache (tribot probably does this or manipulates cache so players don't appear on same comp) or tunnel a new set under a diff. ip.
  3. Reported this months ago lol. TriLeZ "fixed" but it didn't go over so well, i think lol.
  4. Had a private quest script developed through Worthy a while ago. Haven't ever really used it since. Development was quick & price was adequate. He let me split scripts with a friend to make pricing lower which was a nice convenience.
  5. Literally anything you do in the game will be prevention of timer log out idling. Typing, camera movement, walking, clicking any menu, etc
  6. If you're interested in making money via Runescape with no risk, you're more suited to do things like quests, fire capes, in game flipping, etc. Botting takes an enormous amount of time & money to get things even half-way working right. Good luck.
  7. Importing accounts into the tribot account manager wouldn't cause any problems, as far as I can tell. It'd be user dependent to delete the original imported file.
  8. If it has a colon in it, it's after the colon. Common port for proxies is 1080. Format of proxy is: ip:port
  9. If you socks don't need username/password authentication to work, you shouldn't enter them in tribot. Many proxies use ip authentication. Ensure that your proxies are setup for socks5 usage or they won't work.
  10. Swapped for 200m rs3. Thanks!
  11. Swapped 52m 07. Thanks!
  12. It's a spam bot lol.
  13. TriBot RS3 API is horrible.
  14. 20 is a low number though on a 4790k. Why can LoL no longer be botted? You're jumping on the bandwagon too late for RS imo. It's all about fighting bans now, not just pure profiting. Better to move onto a more lucrative diverse game like WoW.