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  1. Due to recent behaviors of the community and how my dispute was handled, I am utterly shocked. As for TOS, I carefully read it. I was not "entitled" to a refund it never that one can not be given. Apparently, they made Worthy change the Script title but an account from over 7 years is banned and it doesn't make anyone blink an eye. I have gone through the website copying pictures of my transactions with it. Also as well as the bot functions. I've been banned and treated with disrespect. You have ignored my case and allowed an arrogant scripter to have his way and continue with his comments. Absolutely toxic. Please enjoy banning my account but at least know, well maybe the evidence that I have taken in the last two hours of the bot will be good enough for Jagex and a lawsuit to be filed for the entirety of tribot. I don't need to be on this website anymore. I never even botted, just used an overlay that is viewable by Jagex. Anyhow, I hope my case moves swiftly and ends tribot rapidly. Good luck.
  2. Not allowed. Sorry. Please close.