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  1. Hi, Thank you for your answer as well as clear instructions. I'm sorry if I accused somebody about a broken script. I'm still living back in the day, where a RS-update would change IDs of items and break bots hehe. I'll delete hook.dat and try again.
  2. ID's has changed for the GE "desk". The bot can no longer click on the desk to open GE. ID's might has been changed for the GE interface, since I manually opened the interface and the script had no idea what to do. This came with todays update.
  3. Free or premium script doesn't make a difference. Jagex knows you're botting once you've started the script.
  4. As you know, a normal mouse moves the cursor faster the faster you move the mouse, and likewise for slower. Some scripts (E.g. daxCombat) have a set mouse speed. What does this mean though? Is it a constant same speed, or does this mouse speed also fluctuate? (I'm not english, idk if that last word is correct kek)
  5. Wtf did I just read
  6. Hey @daxmagex how come your free script supports built in teletabs, but not the premium one? Do I have to do that in logic?
  7. No I heard they only ban ppl on Tuesdays between 8-10 PM.
  8. Just bought this and I can't get logic to work (Lumbridge cows). It says "Press CTRL to select tiles and ALT to delete them" etc, but when I hold CTRL and click on the ground it doesn't seem to do anything. How do I select tiles? Am I full retard?
  9. Already got all my bots banned and I think it's because of the bugs you had. I don't blame you, no scripts are perfect and botting is always risky. I'm working on more accounts though and will use this script when update is complete. (I've made probably 15m on 3 accs with your script so I'm not sad!)
  10. I've used your free bot + the trial of this premium bot, and both are so flawless it's unbelievable. I will be purchasing this in a second.
  11. Lol I was soooo close to buying this, glad I read the responses though.
  12. Holy shit sick! Alright I will definitely deploy more then haha Thank you
  13. I'm currently botting on VPS's and I find it really convenient. Now I deployed another server for additional bots, but that doesn't work if I use the same account right? I'm too scared to try cuz I don't wanna be banned for sharing accounts etc, doubt that even exists but still.
  14. Wtf is looking glass that everyone is talking about?