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    I like plastic bags

    its me http://www.sythe.org/account-recovery/1889557-lost-access-account.html
  1. Script runs pretty gud on my low lvl. It would be cool if it could support a better teleport method to canafis like ecto or glory. Same for burthope and games neck.
  2. I'm sorry but that's not true. A Denial of Service attack (DoS) can be both direct and indirect. The first D in DDoS stands for Distributed - it means that the attacker uses multiple machines (= more bandwidth) to attack. You can always withdraw paypal money, if the person still charges back then your PayPal balance will just be negative (or they'll take it of your credit card again). There's no reason to wait . I'd say that 14 days is the chargeback-danger-period.
  3. Tribot's RS3 support is limited to windows. Sorry.
  4. you shouldnt get prayer for nmz
  5. They are only for membership so it wont be much more than the price of membership.
  6. After about 1 hour my bots start walking slowly. I already had human mouse for weeks and I didnt have this issue till yesterday? Trilez was adding something that would make the script less efficient after a period of time (to mimic human fatigue) but this is to much.
  7. Ok after 1 hour or so it started again. Seems like this issue: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44755-client-lag-or-just-me/
  8. I was in the exact same situation, banned for 2 days 6 months ago and started botting again. I got banned after 30 days (very high end account, only using premium scripts with breaks and lots of babysit).
  9. Closed client, deleted all files, redownloaded client, set good file permissions (didnt have this before) and now it works fine. I used a different account to follow my bot so I was sure, it was also just clicking on weird tiles (way to close to the player). The issue also occurred on all scripts. Quite weird.
  10. Im using tribot on a VPS right now and I see that it has terrible performance, especially when walking. With any script, if the bot has to walk it will only walk ~10 tiles at a time (it doesn't click at the end of the minimap but in the middle.) And after a 10 tile walk, the bot will stand there for ~2 seconds and then walk another 10 tiles. Any ideas? It has enough RAM and CPU resources. video:
  11. So, 9 other botters are using MY profile???
  12. With a VPN yes, but you said Proxy in the OP`so I assumed a socks proxy in tribot.
  13. The bot will probably just quit on the "could not login" screen.
  14. Have you seen your own signature? @op I don't really understand the circle?
  15. Yes. There's only 2 ways for Jagex to get your MAC: 1. You're connected to a jagex wifi hotspot. -> Not likely 2. They added specific code to the game client which takes note of the MAC and sends it to jagex. -> Many people (including trilez) have deep knowledge of the client and would know if this where the case.