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  1. Script runs pretty gud on my low lvl. It would be cool if it could support a better teleport method to canafis like ecto or glory. Same for burthope and games neck.
  2. I'm sorry but that's not true. A Denial of Service attack (DoS) can be both direct and indirect. The first D in DDoS stands for Distributed - it means that the attacker uses multiple machines (= more bandwidth) to attack. You can always withdraw paypal money, if the person still charges back then your PayPal balance will just be negative (or they'll take it of your credit card again). There's no reason to wait . I'd say that 14 days is the chargeback-danger-period.
  3. They are only for membership so it wont be much more than the price of membership.
  4. I was in the exact same situation, banned for 2 days 6 months ago and started botting again. I got banned after 30 days (very high end account, only using premium scripts with breaks and lots of babysit).
  5. So, 9 other botters are using MY profile???
  6. Yes. There's only 2 ways for Jagex to get your MAC: 1. You're connected to a jagex wifi hotspot. -> Not likely 2. They added specific code to the game client which takes note of the MAC and sends it to jagex. -> Many people (including trilez) have deep knowledge of the client and would know if this where the case.
  7. We know that we're safe on this, what do you want to do still?
  8. Thats not true, its perfectly possible to check this. Some people most likely know. TRilez might know this.
  9. A MAC address is a unique number assigned to your NIC (Network Interface Card, the part of your computer that handles the internet over wifi or cable). Jagex can only see your PUBLIC IP address, your internal IP address (assigned by the router, probably starting with 192.168.x.x) and your MAC address is not revealed to Jagex and therefor they can not blacklist it. UNLESS they find and broadcast your MAC in the game client but I'm pretty confident that they don't do this. (We would know if they did). There's no reason to spoof your mac.
  10. Why? I can only think of malicious reasons...
  11. I thought this killed the main script thread, my mistake. I really shouldn't talk about this it has been too long.
  12. No you could do some sort of setup and say "hey this script needs some time before a break can happen". And the other scripts could just function as they are now. Something like this is already possible like erickho123 mentioned but its "dirty".
  13. Yeah I support this too. The web right now is quite limited. ibot nexus had teleports, fairy rings, spirit trees, jewelry teleports, all kinds of boats, dungeons (if I remember correctly it even supported the waterfall dungeon) Right now the web seems mainly used as a backup for premium scripts. The script repo currently features 15 premium combat scripts. Apart from rock crabs and dragons, back then all we needed was a good AIO. Oh god I miss that client. (Sorry trilez)
  14. Imo the client should send a "notice" to the script (eg set some boolean to true) to tell the script to stop for a break. Same case in script queue. Right now I have script logging off for a break (or cuz their queue time is up) in some dungeon and the next script starts to walk into a wall for the next 40 minutes.
  15. @EKOx REACTZz Well now I can see your point, you could request the addition of the genie random here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/32-suggestions/ But maze is most likely a no-go.
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