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  1. Script runs pretty gud on my low lvl. It would be cool if it could support a better teleport method to canafis like ecto or glory. Same for burthope and games neck.
  2. Mercatres

    Human Mouse Implementation

    So, 9 other botters are using MY profile???
  3. Mercatres

    How can I disable the pinbot?

    Why? I can only think of malicious reasons...
  4. Mercatres


    I thought this killed the main script thread, my mistake. I really shouldn't talk about this it has been too long.
  5. Mercatres


    No you could do some sort of setup and say "hey this script needs some time before a break can happen". And the other scripts could just function as they are now. Something like this is already possible like erickho123 mentioned but its "dirty".
  6. Mercatres

    Improvement to Web-Walking

    Yeah I support this too. The web right now is quite limited. ibot nexus had teleports, fairy rings, spirit trees, jewelry teleports, all kinds of boats, dungeons (if I remember correctly it even supported the waterfall dungeon) Right now the web seems mainly used as a backup for premium scripts. The script repo currently features 15 premium combat scripts. Apart from rock crabs and dragons, back then all we needed was a good AIO. Oh god I miss that client. (Sorry trilez)
  7. Mercatres


    Imo the client should send a "notice" to the script (eg set some boolean to true) to tell the script to stop for a break. Same case in script queue. Right now I have script logging off for a break (or cuz their queue time is up) in some dungeon and the next script starts to walk into a wall for the next 40 minutes.
  8. Mercatres

    How can I disable the pinbot?

    Wait - you want to override the pin procedure?
  9. Mercatres

    How can I disable the pinbot?

    Does your account need a PIN? Restarting the script / client after changing the setting may be in order. I've seen my bot enter a wrong PIN earlier today, so it might be a common issue but it should fix itself.
  10. Mercatres

    How can I disable the pinbot?

    Remove the PIN from your account setting. 1. View > Account Manager 2. Select the account 3. Click edit at the bottom 4. Remove the pin box (it will be blank) 5. Press save 6. The account pin will now show -1. 7. Press save & Close
  11. Mercatres

    Downloading files

    Maybe trilez blocked it? Either way why are you even doing this? You probably shouldn't.
  12. Mercatres

    How can i get A Proxy Server on Tribot? You know, a new IP?

    I only bot 2 accounts at the moment, sometimes I use AirVPN and sometimes I don't. My last ban was 6 months ago (3days).
  13. Mercatres

    How can i get A Proxy Server on Tribot? You know, a new IP?

    I wouldn't use a free service. You'd want something stable, a service that can provide the same IP/location. A VPN changes EVERY connection on your computer, so every application will use the anonymous IP (including the game). I use AirVPN myself but you will find cheaper ones if you want.
  14. In part 3 you can just use "~/Library/Application Support/" which is the same as "/Users/"YOUR MAC USERNAME"/Library/Application Support/" Is the .tribot folder visible by default? Also, why reboot?
  15. Mercatres

    How can i get A Proxy Server on Tribot? You know, a new IP?

    If you bot on multiple accounts from 1 computer you can get a socks proxy and tribot VIP Extended. (you can google for socks proxies or buy here on forums) If your intent is to only bot on 1-2 accounts you could also just get a VPN (cheaper).