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  1. any virgin ip's? or are they re-used edit: just noticed the date posted, but still wondering
  2. Yeah make sure you read the quests through, some are only there for experience, but if you've already leveled some stats up you might overshoot with the quests. IE: Holy grail - has no use other than xp as @HeyImJamie said above.
  3. Thanks this worked for most of the missing dependancies, however I can't seem to find these last few.. any idea where they might be?
  4. Just restarted my computer again and now it's showing up.. however now I have a few errors right off the bat, is this normal?
  5. Just to clarify: The dax_api folder and all of it's contents should be in the same folder as my .java files in the scripts folder correct?
  6. yeah I tried refreshing and re-opening eclipse, nothing has worked so far. Might give my pc a quick reboot.. edit: restart didn't work
  7. For some reason, I can't seem to import it correctly. I copied the dax_api folder and put it into my scripts directory and nothing happens, I'm clearly doing something wrong.. I just can't figure out what it is. something worth noting: The folder itself (dax_api) won't show up in the eclipse hierarchy as well..
  8. As @Einstein was saying, a ban that quick is caused by a flagged ip address, I would recommend buying a socks proxy to run on tribot. These can range from $2.50-10$, I also wouldn't buy any proxy service that is recommended by users here because chances are half of them are already flagged for botting since services re-use ip addresses. Look for "virgin" socks proxies, you would be the first to use the ip you purchase. Side note: free scripts are probably not the safest method , you get what you pay for most of the time.
  9. I know it's an old question.. but there are scripts that complete tutorial island for you available in the repository.
  10. what heap size you running?
  11. Sounds like a bug in his code my guy, post in the zulrah script forum
  12. VIP-E and 100 forum posts, I believe you also need your account to be > 61 days of age or older.
  13. buying with gp? let me know how much you need
  14. I came to the post looking for an answer to no avail, so after finding a solution later in the day, I thought it could help any future people looking for a solution just as I was earlier! Cant hurt to be helpful.
  15. Use the tribot api built in webwalker! It opens doors automatically that are in the players path, simply have a set destination and let the Webwalking.Walkto method do the rest!
  16. have you tried re-installing? https://www.java.com/en/download/
  17. I did, I wasn't able to find the answer to the difference between the two ranks. question #1 and #2 I couldn't find either. I guess I just suck at searching ?
  18. Have a few questions on how things work: 1. Once I send in my free scripts to the repository with abc2 implemented, is it an instant process, or does it get reviewed and uploaded at a later date? 2. How long would it take to go from "Scripter" to "Premium Scripter" on average? 3. What is the difference/Benefits between "Scripter" and "Premium Scripter"? I have 3 scripts fully complete and integrated with abc2 just wondering how everything works, thank you!
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