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  1. What exactly does multiple trips do? I've altered the settings to allow it but i always ending up banking. Sick ass script by the way. As a fellow programmer, this thing is SO awesome.
  2. Getting some serious lag when running the script after closing tribot and trying another osb client. It's not the classic LG issue between those two, when i'm running the script even in paused, it is extremely laggy. When i stop it, everything is normal. EDIT: Restarted and waited fixed
  3. Hi Tribot, About to purchase proxies from blazing proxies. Anyone have a promo code they'd like to share ^^? Thanks in advance
  4. @Netami Things are working properly for me again.
  5. Thanks so much, will go ahead and test to let you know. I will continue looking out in the future. Thanks so much for having this script free and ABC. You are the real mvp. <3
  6. Hello, I've ran this a good 25+ hours but all of the sudden I try running it and I am not selecting the appropriate prayer. I will click the coffin before praying, and it will click augury, or eagle eye. It's really strange and I don't know what is different. Let me know if i can provide any other information. Also, my gear has not changed since i had it working originally. May it be soft release of some code for the new prayer affecting it? Thanks.
  7. adog75

    IPv6 vs IPv4

    I want to run 5 bots, and also have 2 mule accounts. The order of operations would go like bot stakes mule, that mule stakes other mule, that mule trades/sells off. If I want to avoid chain bans, does this mean I would want a total of 7 proxies? Furthermore, Virmach offers (8) for $24, Pfish (10) for $30, or Blazing dedicated (10) for $12. I don't need to rotate the IP so I feel like Blazing would be the way to go? Thank you!
  8. adog75

    IPv6 vs IPv4

    Thanks for the replies guys, It looks like provider prices vary from $0.25 to $10 per proxy. I'm not sure why. Some providers I see include their server statistics, but I don't think I'm going to need anything to serious. Are we allowed to name-drop providers on here so i can price compare or not? Again thank you.
  9. adog75

    IPv6 vs IPv4

    Hi Tribot, I am getting a proxy and I'm wondering if there is any advantage/disadvantage of having IPv6 or IPv4 proxys, or mixing them. ie: 4 v6, and 6 v4. Thanks!
  10. I've tried 5 different JDKs, all of which people had listed for working on the 64bit client, i keep getting the hook error. Do i just keep trying different JDKs until it works? (Deleting them each time.)
  11. Also, Is there a guide somewhere for the logic? I am having a hard time understanding when and how to trigger, Go to monster, and go to bank.
  12. @Assume Do you see it being possible to write logic for Giant Mole? As in, If not on screen, try running here. If still not on screen, run here, Until i cover the entire area? I am a python dev, so I feel like I could safely cover the logic, but I wanted to ask your opinion first before I run into pitfalls. Thanks! Great scripting man
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