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Everything posted by dragon.knight12377

  1. Can you still get this free membership???
  2. People used to be like that since the very beginning of Runescpe. Don't worry. The critics don't interfere with the enjoyment of the game
  3. Illuminatti confirmed
  4. I remembered back in 2010 they made something similar. They would give you 7 days completley free membership, but you needed to add a credit card number lol
  5. I am confident that the build in break system will not attemp to force stop the bot if it will compromise the flow of actions. Eg: will wait until out of combat/ will actualy run in a safe spot
  6. First of all, never bot agin on an account you are not willing to lose. This is a rule of thumb. Period. If you want to get into scripting, you need some java background. After that, search the forums because there are tons of tutorials/ tips for scripting for tribot. Good Luck!
  7. i used to have this problem in the past. Just wait a bit?
  8. Of course there are many many more doomsday scenario, but i find this particularry interesting, because it's not far fetched! How? Simple: Even if jagex will always be anti-bot, there is a chance that scripters will develop a superior bot that mimics 100% of human behaviour (wich is highly predictible). This kind of bot will never be detected, therefore everyone will mass bot as much as they please, resulting in the same effect of my first theory(jagex allows botting). Not only Jagex will not detect the bot, but other players wont be aware too, since is behaving like a human. Still sounds far fetched? Go search google any chat bot, chat with it for 5 minutes and tell me it's not like an actual human . AI is closer and more powerful than we may think...
  9. So in the past days i have played Ultima Online, (for those of you who dont know, its a old mmorpg) and noticed the fact that you can make in game macros and use them. Baically, the game allows players to build bots to do stuff, What if some day, jagex will make the same decision and release botting feature in game, legit. (sounds soo Science fiction, buit stil.. ) I can't imagine what the consequinces will be. Mabe the gold price will drop to a very low value due to over inflation and only goldfarmers with 500+ bots will make a decent profit? Can't wait to hear your oppinions!
  10. Thank you for your input
  11. Bro, your question is valid. Thing is, everybody values his main, because of the effort put in it & momories etc. My advice is to do anything you can to disociate your botting from your main account. This includes but is not limited to: -use diferent ip -use diferent pc -never log in from an ip u are botting on and many more Let your paranoia guide you and be as fearfull as you can, so you will end up protecting your valuable main! Hope this helps!
  12. This is sick. I will follow to see your progress
  13. No comment. Bro, leaving the rocket science apart, losing weight is a simple concept: 1.Stop eating like a hippopotamus 2.Exercise in moderation on a regular basis. Consuming less calories than you need will result in weight loss. Simple as that. If you are a healthy young adult, this will 100% make you lose weight. If you are not healthy, then you should seek profesional help, not look on tribot for advice.
  14. Another dude with a 2 day ban.... wtf Am I the only one who only gets perma bans?
  15. Soul control or pest wars
  16. @Encoded president!
  17. Hello braws! Here is the most noob topic ever to exist on tribot, but I can't help it. I can't understand: i want to interact with ... lets say an NPC : the Mining tutor in Lumbrige mine. Clicking.click("Talk-to" + "Mining tutor"); NPCChat.selectOption("Can you teach me the basics of mining please?", true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(150); NPCChat.selectOption("Goodbye.", true); Every line works well, it goes through the chat no problem! But i have to manually click the tutor to initialize the chat! The first red line does not work, it does nothing! I sitted at my computer for one hour trying to figure this out. Am i really that dumb? xD Thanx for ur help!
  18. Lel... now i saw it xD Sorry, english is my second language, im still learning
  19. Interesting hobby, but you should really do your "homework" first. Lack of experience / knolage can result in massive monetary loss.
  20. What strength bonus do they give?
  21. RIP - Robot Is Permabanned