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  1. Challenge accepted. Expect my release in the next 30 days.
  2. Who calls the Dragon Knight?
  3. Help My eyes Hurt What bot should you use? - of course Tribot What script should you use? - any script that comes from a reputable scripter and has abc2 implemented. Other advice1: read and reread all the tutorials on this forum, because it's full of advice. Other advice2: I made 2 scripts, and have them in the links bellow. Check them. They are awesome.
  4. You can buy some credits from a tribot user by using rs gp.
  5. Awesome v1.3 update Now you can use any pickaxe you wish. Simply give the bot a pickaxe (iron, mithril, rune etc) and he will start mining 100% legit. If you do not provide him a pickaxe, he will simply grab the bronze pickaxe from lumbridge castle top, then go back to work. Go ahead and try it
  6. I am glad that you solved the issue. Happy botting and use LG ! xD
  7. This seems alien to me. Maybe you should upgrade to the last version of Java/ delete tribot folder and restart all the stuff? Also, what do you mean for "random words" ? can you provide more details, screenshots etc?
  8. Don't worry, you will eventually solve this problem. First of all, have you tried other scripts? Go ahead and try one of my scripts, they are working flawless for all the users. (link in signature) If other scripts are working fine, it means it's script related, therefore you must contact the script author and tell him that his script is broken. But if no scripts work whatsoever, then you have a client related issue. >> go ahead and delete your tribot folder from %appdata%, restart tribot and it should work. If you still encounter problems, feel free to add my Skype "dragon.knight12377" and I will be more than happy to help a fellow new botter! GL bro
  9. The correct terms are the following: Tribot = bot/client Tri AIO Combat & Magic Questions = script The script works through the bot.
  10. 1. First mistake. You don't bot an account that you can't lose. End of story. 2.If you got mega-lucky and received a 2 day ban , grab the Champagne and be glad. You got really lucky. Bad thing is that this account is now on a special list and it's watched closely.
  11. You can actually buy Runescape gp for real world money?!? But isn't this against the rules?!? *troll mode disabled* Nice hidden add you cheapskate. You know, real business owners pay for ads here on tribot.
  12. I felt the same pain, But was not in vain, As now I have learned, From rumors I heard, That Jagex will trace, Your IP with grace, Therefore you must hide, Your IP with might. So hear my advice: The proxies are nice.
  13. As stated by some fellow botters, you get this results because: A. Jagex working hours and bots who avoid them B. Crazed kids who play rs before and after school/collage/ work etc C. Both A and B D. Vodka / Illuminati confirmed Anyways, the real reason why this is happening is not important at all. Be glad that you discovered a economic pattern and go ahead and try to use this discovery in your favor.
  14. please do no start multiple topics with the same content, as this is considered spamming. Please close one of the two. Also, you must be more specific in order to get a helpful answer and get botting soon Please add more details of the problem you are dealing with,
  15. Actually they fell in love, threw their tea, threw they monitors, keyboards etc. And the whole Jagex ban team is now naked on the floor... You get the picture <3 This explains the lack of bans lately.