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  1. If you want to buy credits, pm me.
  2. Welcome aboard bro. What do you mean by knowledge about system ? Do you know how to script? Do you know how to make websites?
  3. Dude, this means that i was right about your windows 10.
  4. If you are still needing, please add me on skype. Skype name = dragon.knight12377
  5. Looks awesome, and I wish you guys good luck in your server. I heard spooky stories about em' From DDOS to jagex actually attempting to sue some site owners. So stay strong and have fun!
  6. You can still buy VIP with btc, by buying credits from other tribot members. Go ahead and start a thread about this, and be sure to buy from a reputable user.
  7. I am little worried because of the large number of new botters who want to buy credits But I guess it's because of the recent bugs with payment on tribot. Please add my skype, so we can negociate the price. skype name = dragon.knight12377 Cya online
  8. Is rsgp the only thing you accept? How about btc?
  9. Lumbridge mine
  10. LG in a nutshell: May or may not reduce ban rate, because: -LG is a powerfull tool that HIDES your tribot client from the malicious eyes of Jagex. Therefore eliminating the possibility of getting banned because you get detected while using a third party software(tribot) -However, LG does not guarantee anything more than that. Meaning if you. for instance, bot using bad scripts and you have bad botting habbits, you will get banned fast. LG is only hiding your client. Use it, it's awesome.
  11. My signature is pure epicness because of it's content You can use it if you like.
  12. 100% legit bro! xD Ok, jokes aside, here are the facts: -LG is an amazing tool which basically hides your tribot client -This way, if jagex finds a "backdoor" vulnerability and can detect the client (which happend in the past by the way), because you are using LG you are immune to this However: If you are using some script called "legit yew chopper" (i don't know if it's a real script on tribot, if it is, no offence intended xD) , a script that lags, is full of bugs, has static sleep and so on, the ban is yours my friend. In other words, if you bot the wrong way, you will be banned. With or w o LG. The only thing LG does is making you immune to client detection.
  13. Thank you very much! This means a lot for me
  14. I am not a LG expert, but something is telling me that your problem is not script related. Any script that will run via standard tribot client flawless, will also run via LG flawless. Try and delete/ restart a few things client related (tribot folder etc.) Let me know if you fixed it.
  15. [DK] Flawless Splasher https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2203-dk-flawless-splasher/ Greetings, my fellow b0tting enthusiasts! Today I have something for those who want to train their magic effortless. That's right. Here we have a splasher. So it's just a splasher? What's the big deal, Dragon Knight? There is not a big deal at all. Just a basic splasher that does one job, flawless. -100% error free -100% reliable -extremely easy to use Just get your armor, staff, runes, select the spell, go near the desired target, start the script and you are done. Come back 10 hours and it's still running flawless. I hope you guys enjoy this little piece of code, and as always, feel free to report any potential bugs you may encounter / suggestions. Also, leave a like or comment. Whatever makes you feel awesome. GL and use LG! Dragon Knight!