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  1. I got a 2 day ban too, depends if you have botted other accounts on the IP i guess. And take a break atleast for a couple of days. I myself am not gonna bot more on my account after 2 day ban.
  2. Mad-croc

    ban rates?

    I have runecrafted 3 bots to around level 67. Take break every 3 hour, and do something else after that 3 hours, and then go back. Worked for me atleast
  3. Ran this script for about a week, got banned today. Don't think it's this script that did it though.(Because i have ran many free scripts on that account). I gonna try more accounts, running different nature rune running, with proxies, breaks and do other stuff than 8 hours botting a day. (Anything else i should consider doing?) But i was just curious, when you bank the bot, it always moves over the tab in the top left, is this something you intended or has it something to do with the API? Anyway thanks for any help in advance.
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