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  1. its doing good, the only problem is that it freezes at bank sometimes saying 'waiting to open bank' but its already open and that will stay untill you log out by the log out timer and then it relogs and its gone for a random period.. sometimes it happens next time it banks sometimes it happens in 2 hours..
  2. yeah im only using LG because the ban rates are such a big diffrence (experienced it myself)
  3. alright thanks, hope this will get fixed soon because it happens really often and it just stands there untill it logs out..
  4. the bot gets stuck in bank alot saying (waiting for bank to load [7936]) and then just sits there waiting for the bank to open but its already open and nothing happends untill i close it manually then it reopens bank and it runs again, could you have a look? happens pretty much..
  5. the standard? 378 or something im not even sure what it does, you think this might be the problem?
  6. i am trying it atm with 3 items and i got myself maxed gear again. lets see what happends thanks for the quick help anyway!
  7. why is it working that badly for me with LG on then? could you help me out mate?
  8. I figured out what the problem was, it just aint working decently with looking glass on, when i turn it off its works perfectly..
  9. i have no idea what i am doing wrong but this just aint working man. in 30 mins i got 2 kills and 2 deaths on a maxed out combat account 99hp, 99def, 99 range, 99mage and pray. the bot just runs out of food and dies before i can kill zulrah. i have read the documentation but i cannot find out what i am doing wrong. Gear: Ahrims/karils eternal boots occult neck inf gloves saradomin cape ring of recoil trident of swamp blowpipe serp helm ancient book food/pots: sharks / 4 karambwan 1 pray pot 1 mage & range pot
  10. oo my bad, i forgot to click on the 'Full ai' box thanks mate!
  11. is the script down? i cant click on 'start script' only on 'ai start'