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  1. Hello, it's been nearly 5 years since I've botted RS & I've decided to give it a go again with TriBot this time, so forgive me for being incredibly rusty. I was going through & testing things to make sure I have everything in place correctly. However upon loading up my client with a proxy, I'm given these debug messages. The highlighted red text means that the proxy connection was not successful, thus I am running the client off of my own IP, right? I've attempted some basic troubleshooting- uninstalled & reinstalled updated Java, deleted TriBot AppData & reinstalled TriBot fully & have experienced the same issue. The proxy is 100% working, as I've verified it as working in a web browser. What else can I do to try and resolve this issue? Thanks! Additional info: Java Version 8 Update 251 (build 1.8.0_251-b08) Socks proxy from ProxyFish.Com Windows 10 Have used TriBot w\ proxies from ProxyFish in the past with no issues at all, not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there's an issue going on, as I've recently just built the PC I'm using & have not botted on this PC yet.
  2. Thanks for the referral. No need to be negative though. I meant I don't want shitty anti-ban that'll get all of my accounts banned quickly. Nice. Post has been reported, please don't seek post count on my threads.
  3. In need of a private script. I'm looking for QUALITY over quantity. I'm trying to get the HIGHEST quality script I can get my hands on. I do not want to see my accounts banned. If there's a high ban rate, I will not come to you for work in the future. If you provide me with a HIGH quality script, you yourself, have won yourself a valuable & long-term customer. The script I need is VERY simple & not complex at all. Comment here or PM me & I'll supply you with my skype to discuss info on. Fill out this form real quick on this post/thru PM. Experience(months/years & total amt of scripts made): Quality(Rate yourself (Low)1-5(High)): Price(Rate yourself (Low)1-5(High)):
  4. Will look into this, thanks. Just debating whether you're seeking an affiliate referral or genuinely trying to help, with a bonus for you on the side. I assume the second option because you seem to be using it & why would you be using it if it weren't any good? Haha. Nonetheless, I appreciate the suggestion & will look into it. Thanks.
  5. Exact reason Fair enough, I'll edit my post to that. Wasn't really aware of that, thanks.
  6. Hey guys. I had great success botting RS3 from 2009-2011 and then OSRS for the first year and a half after it was released. After a long hiatus, I have made a return to RuneScape. I plan to hit harder than I ever had before, all combined. I haven't done anything with computers within the past 2+ years, so please pardon my (now) lack of knowledge, as I have forgotten a lot. With that being said, I need some guidance. I need to purchase some Private Proxies to run my bots under. I'm looking for around 10 for now, but it will most likely increase to over 100 within the next month or two. I need a provider who can meet these requirements: 1) Decent prices(obviously) 2) Offers Private Proxies 3) Offers ip refreshes/resets(more than 2 ideal, but if it offers 1 IP refresh that's OK.) Thanks, appreciate all of the help in advance and can't wait to here from you guys. P.S. Don't post on this thread if you're just striving for post count example: "Search google", "'I have heard...' statements" I want advise from ACTUAL current/past users, or veterans in the botfarming industry.
  7. @gabrielbilodeau1 So they need to be registered + completed tut island or still on tut island? I can help with this in either instances. Just contact me via PM, I can price cut a few of these people xD Do you also have a list of names in which youd like or shall I randomly create them? Same question about passwords too. Thanks.
  8. thanks for the help bro really appreciate it.
  9. Hey guys, I just purchased VIP Ext. mainly because it said it can do multiple proxies at once. How do I use the proxys, how do I set it up, ect lol like I have 0 clue how to do this whatsoever please help xD
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