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    Formerly known as RSNeedsLove, (but you can all call me Corbin*IRL name) but couldn't recover that account. Been apart of the TRiBot community for quite sometime but just never got into the forums (that is about to change). I plan on being more active to assist/help others with as much as I can. Any questions? Don't be afraid to give me a private message. - Corbin a.k.a RSNeedsHugs

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  1. RSNeedsHugs

    Looking glass simple question

    You must download Java 8(x86) for Looking Glass to work. Just delete all JDK's off computer and go here to download the Java 8(x86) if you're running Windows. If you aren't running Windows then someone else might have to assist you on this problem. But here is the link... http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html P.S. It is the very top options under Java SE Development Kit 8u65.
  2. Congrats on release. Might use to test out and get proggy for you. Plus I need to do cooking anyways. Haha
  3. RSNeedsHugs

    Human Mouse Movement Data

    When/if you get it appealed. Play legit on it for a couple of weeks or so then slowly start back to botting. Purchase VIP-E for looking glass. It is totally worth it and like I said, try using premium scripts unless the scripter and the feedback is very positive.
  4. RSNeedsHugs

    Human Mouse Movement Data

    That's what I thought. I mean I have the option in my TRiBot client. But I've done the clicking two seperate times thinking it would have saved in my client folders. Then I go to open my client after closing hours later and it says that it couldn't find Human Mouse Movement Data. I have no idea what the problem is but I hope to get it figured out soon.
  5. RSNeedsHugs

    Human Mouse Movement Data

    I use Looking Glass at all times. It is a option for VIP-E users. Allows TRiBot to hook to OSBuddy or the original client Jagex offers to download to play OSRS. I take as many precautions as I can due to having so much time and personal money invested. @nightmare91
  6. RSNeedsHugs

    Human Mouse Movement Data

    I'm just trying to get it figured out for myself and everyone in the community. It wouldn't be an option if it wasn't available. At least that is the way I see it. Right? Just because "YOU" got banned doesn't mean it is useless. There are many ways to help avoid bans. A lot of it has to do with your botting habits and the trustworthiness of the script itself.
  7. RSNeedsHugs

    Human Mouse Movement Data

    I've done the mouse movement two separate times and it continues to say it can't find the data. Anyone have any input on to why it isn't working?
  8. RSNeedsHugs

    Need Looking Glass information please!!

    It means it is working. The looking glass uses the OSBuddy client to hook to while TRiBot is being used. It is working.
  9. RSNeedsHugs

    Someone care to explain what this means?

    I figured it out. Just had to look a little bit deeper to figure it out. Someone please close this topic, thanks.
  10. I keep getting this error when loading up TRiBot. Is there anyone that can explain what this means and/or how I can go about fixing this issue? https://gyazo.com/bf3f98c00740e4535d6d487db3527f79