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  1. I have been looking for a script that would auto-sell everything in your bank to the grand exchange... but have not been able to find one. Is anyone aware of a script that can do this?
  2. Ok thanks! I guess that makes it kinda exciting to check each day how much I got xd
  3. Knowing that clue rewards are completely random, is there any sort of expected profit I can expect to get each day for running this for a few hours? (I would run around 12 hours)
  4. I sent a message on there, hopefully its the right account
  5. Just sent a contact request, I would like to have some accounts trained When I click the add on skype button, it tries to bring up windows 8's new skype and it wont work for some reason, so I added you manually on the desktop version of skype, hopefully it is the right username.
  6. Interested in this script, is it still fully working and updated frequently? Also, what is the banrate like?
  7. I'll probably try this since it requires less time, worst case I'll just do a few quests Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. This is all completely true, however my issues arised atleast two weeks before MM2 was released. But yea I'm checking over everything again and making sure to try and fine tune it better this time to get the most out of the script
  9. They said they updated it due to the fact that combat was more unpredictable with PID changing every few ticks, and now it changes about every minute and a half so you can more accurately pk knowing whether you have PID or not. I just thought it was worth mentioning, since I had also heard people making accounts to make sure they had PID on one for an advantage.... not sure if they were right at all in doing this though.
  10. I've had the same issue as some ppl above, where I was getting around 500-600k p/h but with the same list now only get under 100k... I'm really gonna be rifining this list now, epsecially considering the acc was using a 100m cash stack.
  11. I'm not entirely sure if there is a way to tell before fighting someone, whether or not you had PID over them, but I had been told by a tribot scripter that people were making multiple staking accounts to ensure they'd use the one with PID... however like I said, Idk how you'd know.
  12. I'm referring to the fact that they literally just recently updated how PID works, so now its possible to know whether or not you have PID over someone, which determines who hits first and gives you an advantage. There are people maxing several accounts just so they can stake on whichever one has PID over their opponent.... it really does make a difference. "instead of randomising the priority each player is given every game tick, priority is now only randomised once every 100 - 150 game ticks (60 - 90 seconds)." http://services.runescape.com/m=news/bank-placeholders--pid?oldschool=1
  13. I have been considering purchasing this script for a while, but the main thing stopping me is the stats required.... how do you guys suggest going about getting the stats for each bot to kill dragons? And how long does that take? I'm afraid to bot them (even though I'd do it as safely as I can)....but I feel like if I only bot the required stats for a short time and then wait a day or two to see if the accounts are banned, then purchase the script, then I would be fine.
  14. An extremely important new change to combat that affects staking is the fact that PID changes every few minutes now, will you be updating the script to take that into account? This has a huge influence on whether or not you win.