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  1. I went to go buy tokens with my verified email for paypal and this is the message that came up? We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent.
  2. an aio item picker upper lol.. that hops worlds. should be pretty simple
  3. Material: <sapphire> Product: <Ring> Location: (Al Kharid) Issue experienced: <Doesn't select an amount to make just keeps clicking "X" amount > Picture: dont have one
  4. is there a script that can cut pinapples into slices? also make pizzas?
  5. if you bothered to read what the hell i said you would see that i was just asking if there was a script... not to make a new one. so take your smart ass comments somewhere else.
  6. ive tried that... it will buy the items but it wont bank it just keeps clicking the square that im standing on...
  7. elijah109

    Chest buyer

    any scripts that i can buy from the chest in lumbridge and then bank at the same chest?... exbuyer doesnt give the option to bank at chests....
  8. elijah109

    Shop Buyer

    any that buy from chest in lumb and bank too?
  9. buying 1 bond talking on Skype
  10. [16:21:51] Downloading script 'eConstruction'.[16:21:54] Script Started: eConstruction.[16:21:54] test please start logged on! its not working for me just opening cwars bank and just sitting there..............
  11. when i put the price to buy at 7000 and i have 19m in my inventory it stops and says i dont have enough funds to buy 1??????????? http://gyazo.com/fb32bfb1b1a54104439543188199fe9f http://gyazo.com/698a8010aea456db6ffe326bd303d9d5
  12. i click start and it just doesnt even start the script like im not even clicking it.
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