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  1. Does this minigame give good xp ?
  2. Add me skype if still looking. Asrusteika But we cant promise fast start, because we hawe big order.
  3. I think more info about what you need will be usefull ?
  4. If you need any help to train your farm, click bellow
  5. This is mule bans mostly ?
  6. if you need some help contact us
  7. I think goblin dyplomatic will be usefull too nice job
  8. @tsh Add you can read more aout our services, on our thread. (clik button bellow). If you intrested contact us on skype
  9. Add me on skype: Asrusteikas
  10. I dont know, but website dosen't look legit.. But i dont try it so dont trust me Good luck at buying/selling
  11. Maybe you need to try order services to level up them by hand.. maybe that can decrese ban rate.. I dont know for sure but maybe some1 an tell is ther differance.
  12. In game prices and gp prices always crashes deu botting.. look at rs3 now.. jagex need to fix his economic sytuation, that gold that comes in game should equal to money leave game. Thats my opinion..
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