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  1. I was one of the first members on this forum, good to see it's so popular.
  2. Does tribot still have popular gold farming scripts?
  3. Been a member here since 2012, when it first came out the community was very small I see it's grown a lot.
  4. Been registered here since they started this website I think, back then the bot was real laggy, how is it now?
  5. I see this bot is a lot more popular then before.
  6. Was here when this community was very small. I'm back now though so say whats up
  7. Got it working, great script. Maybe add a water buyer .
  8. It just walks around the GOP area never joining a game.
  9. JJ, would you help me make a script? Do you have a Skype?
  10. Is this working now?
  11. You shouldn't of added the music, makes it hard to listen to, for me. But, they look like great tutorials.
  12. Sounds good buddy.
  13. Which world do you recommend?
  14. The script just kind of walks around the room, never joining a game.