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  1. i was wondering if anyone could inform me on how many Tribot instances i could run with my current computer specs? I uploaded a photo with my computer specs displayed on speccy. Please let me know. I am sorry if i posted this on the wrong sub forum.
  2. what about rune crafting and skills like fletching? Fishing and cooking?
  3. It's going to be a pure magic account with 40 defense. I just want a nice main account. I am thinking of getting 6 scripts to start off with. which do you recommend? 1 has to be a Magic script. the other 5 can just be useful skills to have at a high level. Or skills that are safe to bot. I am not looking for a combat or range bot because i am not going to level those skills. Just magic and another 5 for now.
  4. I am not gold farming. Just Looking to have a nice main account. I have noticed in the past that premium scripts have all these strange features. I think Aminer had very hard to understand interface. For now i am thinking of buying 6 scripts, can anyone tell me 6 good ones? this is a pure magic account with 40 defence. I don't need combat or range scripts.
  5. Hi, i received $300 for Christmas this year, so i want to invest most of it on Tribot's scripts. I have a few questions. 1. How many scripts should i buy and which ones. 2. is VIP extended really worth it? I heard it has "looking glass" and Human Mouse movements. I guess that would reduce the chances of getting ban? 3. How often should i change scripts and do all scripts work with Looking glass? I want to buy as many scripts as i can. So i can level as many skills as possible. I noticed in the past when i just level one skill, when i get it to about 60 or 70 the account gets ban. What scrips does the forum recommend? How many skills should i slowly level to 99? and which are the safest skills to bot?
  6. I only have one account. it's so boring leveling in runescape. I just want to do the fun parts like questing. I had had 5 or 6 accounts ban with various different bots. I would really like to have a nice account for with high level skills. I am on quite sure how to bot and how many hours to fish a day or which fishing bot to use for most safety. Can anyone shed some light?
  7. Hi, i am wondering, what is the best Tribot fishing script out right now (2018)? by best i mean a lot of safety and anti cheat? Also does anyone know any fishing scripts that work with looking glass? I don't know if my IP is flagged but it's not a fresh account i have had it for a while. But barely ever play it.
  8. Yes. I am using brand new accounts off tutorial island. I do not have a legit Runescape account because i don't remember my password for my first account. So i bought a few bots and made a new account and did tutorial island and started to bot different skills. I have made 3 accounts so far. Not at the same time. I only want one account, I am not into gold farming i just want 99 magic and cooking and fishing. All 3 have been ban at different times with different bot programs and scripts all paid.
  9. Hi, every time i attempt to bot a new runescape account i get ban usually within days. I was wondering if someone could write a really detailed guide on how to bot and which scripts are safe, I am willing to pay money for a decent Old runescape botting guide. At first i thought Tribot was the problem so i bought another bot and still got ban. I don't bot too much. 5-6 hours a day with 1-2 hour breaks. I also use different scripts for different skills. Still having bad luck.
  10. How to i bank the shrimp/ anchovies ? I need them for food. The bot doesn't bank them but drops them. Please get back to me.
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