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  1. notallhere


    6 months before Kiko wrote that, He wrote his first ever runescape script, a granite powerminer, I was lucky enough to get 99 mining during the beta testing of it
  2. Script runs very smoothly for the most part, few things to improve on Thank you for the great support @xCode
  3. Awesome service! very quick to get back to me and happy to answer absolutely any questions I had. Trusted him with 150m bank no pin easily. 10/10, using again.
  4. People can charge for this?! and what resources? I do this for free for my friends business's...
  5. 1.2-1.3 selling to a buyer. 1.3-1.4 selling yourself.
  6. notallhere

    Need Vps Help

    Ah fair point. I've found them very handy for any queries I've had.
  7. notallhere

    Need Vps Help

    You'd recommend what you wouldn't use?
  8. If someone actually put in the man hours to stumble upon this and filter thought a possible 29 account stat matches, check over previous history of account and then proceed to process the account to the bot detection system to have it banned 12 hours later. Yeah... I'd fire him.
  9. notallhere


    I'll buy you one to keep if its private
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