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  1. doesnt work anymore after the update just now it doest seem to recon the pray pots and overloads
  2. during jagex hours ?
  3. well i got a question... i have bought the script pest control and the tri aio combat and i have used 3 accouns where never been botted on on 3 diffrent ip adresses 2 accounts on the tri aio combat and 1 account on the pest control bot .. and all three accounts have been banned after 4 hours running the script .. so wtf that cant be with diffrent ip adresses right ore am i realy realy realy fking unlucky...
  4. i just started the botting and pressed new client.. i dit not choose new client advanced ore new client looking glass . i just used new client and yes i was looking glass
  5. jsut got banned on 2 account's witch i never botted with i have bought the script yesterday used if for like 5 hours and got banned notice that i used the 2 accounts on 2 diffrent ip adresses so .... there goes the anti ban ...
  6. hello how do you sdet it up at the ogres at ardougne ? ive set it up couple times just started running to a walkspot it says and leaves the ogre area if i can set it up at the ogres i will deff buy it i just used the trail now
  7. hey guys is there a good cannon filler for at the ogres cant find any i got 1 of texans but it keep bugging after its almost getting decaded
  8. yeh i know botting aint safe but since it was the first time botting on that account for only 8 hours ;p i just been very unlucky
  9. so szince yesterday i got the vip trail. i was doing pest ontrol on a legit account. i woke up ( botted 8 hours ) and boom perm bann so is tribot realy safe ore havei just been realy unlucky
  10. i have problems with my paypal atm so that isnt a option:(
  11. is it possible to buy VIP trough ideal ? i wanted to buy from yohojo but he isnt responding for 4 days straight
  12. im sorry im new but what do you mean with per auth ?