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  1. do you register accounts and verify their emails as well?
  2. what if you botted in hours in which Jagex offices are closed? That usually delays the ban till next morning when jagex comes in and bans the account.
  3. Just use 1 tab per 1 client if you want to use break handler.
  4. I recently switched from Logical Node to Virmach's proxies. IPs are unflagged, true that. But their proxies are wayyyyy too laggy for me. About 70-80% of the time, my bots keep getting disconnected and the internet speed for proxy is abysmal. The moment I disconnect proxy to test the connect, everything works really good and upto speed. I wouldn't really recommend Virmach proxies to anyone. I know some of my friends who bought the same Virmach proxies on my word are experiencing the same issue. So I know its not an isolated event.
  5. Yeah for VIP-E its available instantly without any work whatsoever. Definitely a perk if you ask me
  6. VIP-E also gives you access to human mouse data. I'm sure its only available to VIP-E folks only
  7. This script's hooks are expired somehow. It only stands around at the top of trapdoor making fast camera movements. Video of bug: I tried manually going down the trapdoor to see if the rest of the pathing works and it apparently can't figure out how to open gates either. I'm not sure why is this script even in repository anymore atm if it doesn't even work at all. Do not use this script until it's fixed, unless you mind getting the banhammer. @JoeDezzy1
  8. I found logical nodes proxies to be the best tbh. botprox.com
  9. terrorbyte

    DMM Botting.

    You can't abyss on DMM because of the skull. RIP stats
  10. And if you are running breakhandler, use 1 runescape tab per 1 tribot c lient or it'll bug out. for me and for most users, tribot messes up the breakhandler if multiple rs tabs are being operated on 1 tribot client. it starts to apply each other's break on each other's tab, not sure why it does that.
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