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  1. I have been having the same issue. My proxy havent been working for atleast 4 days, i tried to renew it incase it for some reason stopped after 22 days. It has now been 3 days, with no answer, and the proxy still not working. Prior to this I was very satisfied with the service and product.
  2. Still doesn't work. Just keeps teleporting to clan wars, then proceeds to freeze.
  3. I just bought this script, however it is having a few issues. For instance, when pickpocketing, the bot is unable to pull out food. When it gets low on hp it runs to the bank, take out full inventory of food, heals to full, deposits it all, makes some strange movement, and then return back to the npcs without food in inventory.
  4. Why doesn't this script support fairy rings? It is idiotic to spend 45k for every single kill on teleports alone. And using charter ship is simply slow as fuck.
  5. When people are using that many accounts for one script, they must be using a lot of random vps/ips. How do people generate those random ips, to avoid getting mass banned? Been having issues with being flagged a few months ago
  6. Yea, Im running with Whip, anti fire shield, combat bracelet, glory, black d hide chaps and body. However, I had like 10x of every item in my bank, but after death, it couldnt equip the new black d hide body from my inventory. It equipped every other item just fine, anyway, shouldn't it auto log out when it is stuck in a buggy loop?
  7. Just got banned because the script got stuck in the bank for 5 hours trying to equip a black d hide body :/
  8. Would anyone suggest using the abc2 feature? Not sure if it is just me, however, my account sometimes take like 20-30 sec breaks while fighting, which means it doesnt eat and sometimes (rarely) die.
  9. The pouch repair through lunar magic while doing lavas aint working, it continuesly casts the spell while talking to the mage guy, but never clicks repair.
  10. When running motherloade the script doesnt seem to be able to bank the ores. Stays right in front of the bank while turning the camera
  11. Same problem here as ArcSector describes, but i am also often getting stuck right next to the obstacles in the abyss.
  12. I was wondering, how many nats do you guys create per hour after all these updates ?
  13. How do you make the bot log in after 6 hours have past?
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