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  1. I am not an OMM.. I know.. Who said I was?
  2. Erm, mate.. I did not scam you.. I am online at skype and never deleted you. I just logged in to check if I received the money, but there's nothing on my account buddy. When we were at the second screen I asked your paypal and at that time something went wrong with my internet connection
  3. Please add my skype, I would like to buy 100m Skype; Passy070
  4. If I buy 100m.. How much u'll ask?
  5. I've been away for a few months.. But this deff makes me want to come back!
  6. Hello everyone, Many of you might remember me. Used to be a very active member on the forums. But I got a job so didn't have time left for rs. Currently looking to get back into RS.. Either 07 or RS3. Also looking for a good vps, any ideas? Thanks for reading
  7. Been offline for a week or something.. But I am back!
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