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  1. Passy070

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    I've been away for a few months.. But this deff makes me want to come back!
  2. Passy070

    We're hiring!

  3. Nvm, thanks.. Was running 1.3, needed 1.4... Weird, since 1.3 also got released yesterday
  4. I am running the correct version (1.3) was released earlier then 15 hours though ?
  5. Passy070

    Cosmic Crafter (80k+/hr) - by wastedbro

    I never said that
  6. Passy070

    Cosmic Crafter (80k+/hr) - by wastedbro

    Aw just got banned using this script..
  7. Passy070

    Looking for live-chat operators

    Thanks! Still waiting for Todd to come online since Elmo couldn't do it.
  8. Passy070

    Air RuneCrafter

    Currently running it on a new account.. Will post proggies soon
  9. Passy070

    Nature RuneCrafter

    How much money & Ess would you suggest?
  10. Passy070

    Cosmic Crafter (80k+/hr) - by wastedbro

    It's working flawless for me now.. Thanks!
  11. Passy070

    [Free] PkBuddy Hit Predicter [Free]

    Thanks alot for this, will use it when I am finally ready to pk!
  12. Passy070

    Air RuneCrafter

    Thank you sir, will post updates later today!