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  1. I laughed at the attempt the script made to ''enchant'' like it's advertised to. It's broken, don't waste your time if you downloaded it for enchantment.
  2. is there ANY possible way it could be sped up to the slightest? if not, I'd only use this script when I'm afk or sleeping tbh. Other than that, I'd prefer to do it myself, which is pointless because I purchased this script in hopes of doing the very opposite. I realize being a scripter probably isn't easy, in fact I'm sure it's stressful. I'll admit, I was very mislead by the advertisement.
  3. Things are running smooth, but a bit slow.. I find the script only clicking pickpocket once(or twice, FAR too slowly) after becoming un stunned. Hence my question above about spam clicking. I realize the faster the clicks, the more detectable, but I reckon xp/hr would skyrocket if I could average more than 1-2 pick pockets per stun..
  4. over it, leveled it by hand till 38, now I'm at master farmer. It's not as bad as I thought it'd be compared to the way it acted in Ardy. Any possible way I(or you) could make it spam click faster? or is that not advisable? TIA.
  5. that awkward moment when it's impossible to script thieving unless you have a piece of food in your inv....
  6. I'm not sure what's so ''flawless'' about this script. It can't even simply steal silk from one single stall. It'll steal about 5 silk, then move the camera and click on the stall across the map. when the thieving radius is set to 2, it gives error message ''none of the stalls you've chosen are in radius sight.'' so i set it to 3 and then it continues to try and steal from both stalls, not just one. frustrating for such a hyped up, well advertised ''flawless'' script.
  7. anyone been banned lately due to this bot? i have used it from 30-53 so far, with no problems. I hope finishing 53-60 goes well!
  8. skype me : meowathonRS or message on here. TIA
  9. will you sell .5?
  10. I'm looking for a private, flawless ranging guild script with antiban. i plan on getting 40-75+(not even 99) range and I'd like to not waste my money just to be banned. I've been searching for this script for a long time now, therefore I have too many threads to check! skype is the best way to reach me. : MeowathonRS <---skype name. | if you have one, know someone who may have one, or can make this script for me PLZZZZZ add me on skype! you'd be a life saver!!!@!@!