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  1. I have over 98 scripts activated. I wiped my computer and downloaded java and tribot again and it still comes up empty sometimes. Sometimes it shows the scripts I have but 80 % of the time it just says scripts and doesn't show the folders
  2. what do I do with that? when I go windows run and click in it it's empty
  3. Hey guys I have had a problem the last few days where when I load up tribot and try to go to run a script none of them show up in my scripts folder? any suggestions/
  4. Whats wrong with this script? I purchased it and all it does is stand there? do i get money back or is this getting fixed? whats going on :angry:
  5. this
  6. I go to run and load a script, and these error strings come up (as seen in below photo), I'm on a pc have the latest java installed, tried deleting and redownloading still does the same thing, Can anybody help me
  7. I too am experiencing this, has anyone figured out what the problem is?
  8. thanks for that Gpswap and stirniukas why be such a dick head for mate? really....
  9. Hey guys I am a new user to tri bot. I have recently been using the premium scripts such as auto chopper pro and auto fishing pro scripts and have paid for them they were working fine and now all of a sudden they don't work can anyone provide me with info or help me cheers!