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  1. Just bought this script. Trying to use a Gilded Altar with Superior Dragon Bones with Teleport to House/Mounted Glory but the script is just withdrawing coins and bones. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Thank you so much, would've never figured this out on my own. Hopefully by bumping this thread up, I help someone else find this easily.
  3. Could you add support for the eternal glory? Also, if I start this script and I have bones + teletab in inv but no marrentil the script gets stuck and will end up logging me out in 5 minutes.
  4. I love this script! My account is still pretty weak, 84 range/ 76 mage/ 71 def but I was still making just about 1m/hr. Gonna train up two more accounts also!
  5. I'm on the two hour trial and it's looping on Withdrawing/Depositing Ring of Dueling Seems to work when I turned off OSBuddy Jewelery Overlay
  6. That's not true at all, some of my flips from early last week http://imgur.com/y3Vmm5V http://imgur.com/UayyVn4 http://imgur.com/W7gKSUa
  7. Is it possible to change the item list while the script is running? I think so, my settings aren't top touch but I have 100m stack I'm testing with and making 500k/hr. I'm thinking of leaving it on for 8-10 hous a day to make a solid 28-35m a week.
  8. I have 43m and I'm not making as much money/hr as I should be. Do you guys just keep the buy/sell options on AUTO and let the AI fully take over after you just add some items? It could just be my list, still working on that.
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