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  1. Gathering information now, will report back. EDIT: I couldn't reproduce it any more, seems it's sorted itself!
  2. Script keeps starting the minigame at the mummy over and over at some times since the past few updates. I've seen my xp/hr drop from 130-140k/hr to 105k/hr This needs to be fixed as it is very detectable! @Aropupu
  3. That's because of todays update.
  4. This keeps happening and it's rather annoying having to close and restart the client every few kills.
  5. Script worked fine for a couple kills, then stopped highlighting prayers. I have no clue why it's stopped as it does still highlight everything else. It even highlights the prayer icon, but not the individual prayers themselves. Edit: Restarting client seems to have solved it...for now.
  6. Verison # (Required): v1.9991W Using Looking glass (if you don't know what this is, awnser no): No. Picture of setup of GUI (Required) : http://puu.sh/kEXAa/5942302637.png Client debug : http://pastebin.com/urxY6T11 Bot debug : N/A Script stack trace: http://pastebin.com/urxY6T11 Bug that occurred (Please be detailed) (Required) : Script is not going through the NPC contact chat to repair pouches. It just keeps casting the spell over and over again. and breaks off the conversation when you need to choose between the repairs and the books. EDIT: ISSUE WAS RESOLVED AFTER TALKING TO ERICK ON SKYPE!
  7. Have Super Combats been added yet ?
  8. Just purchased this script ($30 lifetime version) only to find out that pouch repair isn't working. I've added you on Skype to help solve this issue.
  9. @AlphaDog any news on air bstaves? It's been a month.
  10. Will you be adding pouch and lunars support (for lava runes)
  11. That's Runescape fucking up, not the script. Been like that for months.
  12. No problem, thanks for letting us know.
  13. GUI isn't opening anymore, it did a couple hours ago. Same client. EDIT: it took five minutes, but it finally opened.
  14. I would strongly advice against licking the start menu, you do not know where it's been.