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  1. Was working well for me but now when i run this script, when banking if the game lags or something the bot will spam click to open then bank up and will end up clicking on another item in my bank. Since the bot doesnt recognize this as a maple log this will force the bot to stop and end the script cuz it doesnt know what to do with the item cuz it cant burn it and it will log me out. Not sure if anyone else had this issue but it does it to me. It happens usually after 1k logs to which sucks. Please help and fix this !!!!! Like make something to detect other items in your inventory if it miss clicks and make it like put the item back in the bank or press the all to inv button and retake out everything again like tinderbox and then the logs. Just something like a backup if this happens. Im tired of going through 1k logs then it miss clicks and then it stops cuz its takes something else out of my bank like a pizza . PLEASE FIXX !!!!!!!!!!
  2. good but when it gets to the end of the draynor rooftop it just stands at stage 6 and doesnt click the next one to finish that lap or doesnt even move the camera to look for it. so please fix this
  3. Splashyy

    xPest Control [ABCL10] [Point Spending]

    script has to many bugs and doesnt work for me if i choose protect void night. it just keeps clicking on my prayers trying to activate quick prayers even tho i dont want my prayers on and doesnt help the void night. so fix this as this bot is pretty much broken
  4. I have a issue with this bot seeing it doesnt work for me at all when i open the script and the settings menu pops up why cant i choose the type of fish i want to catch. I want to fish salmon and trout at barb village but give me a error saying [13:15:42] We could not locate a fishable spot in Edgeville with your given stats and inventory. [13:15:42] Values aren't set, this means you are either not in a fishing spot, don't have the right equiptment to fish, are using a barb-tail harpoon which is not supported, or you selected the wrong settings on the options menu. If you need help fixing this error, please contact me. Im standing in the right spot and have a fly fishing rod and feathers ?? It must be the settings then cuz idk what else it would be. However how the heck am i supposed to edit the settings when it doesnt even give me a option to pick the location and pick the type of fish like trout or salmon???!!! So what am i suppposed to do cuz im really confused as to why you dont have this in your settings?? Like is the bot supposed to figure it out by itself or something ?!?!
  5. Splashyy

    Need Help Adding An Account

    Hello everyone, so i just started to use this bot today and having a few problems. i've been a botter for few years but just recently decided to use this one. Anyways i used to use EpicBot and was used to the way they have it setup where you can go into settings and add your acc like your email/pass/pin and what not or if you had a pending pin request. However, for Tribot i noticed it doesn't have this system. So if i lose connection or get logged out for whatever reason there's no way for the bot to log back in and continue botting since it doesnt know my login info and my bank pin. My question i would love some help with is how do i add such a feather to this bot so if it logs out or looses connection it can log me back in and continue ??!?!