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  1. Back again. Had to make a new account to bot on. Got tagged with a temp after using agility bot He he he.
  2. i've been using this for about 6 months now on and off go back through the thread i posted my gear setup and gui i think 3 times. Cheese wiz gear. I think i've got a 400-500m signature on zulrah somewhere if worthy sends me a new one. Posting a 2 week progress report in the coming days to show users what this bot does everyday when used correctly.
  3. The gem gods have blessed me... 3rd-4th days both halfday botting. 2 elite clues added the loot to the bag. Try increasing the heap size on the client fixed some lag issues for me.
  4. everyone that has messaged me about dying always leaves the slide tab-reaction-bar to far to the right. Just trying to see if this is another one who does it. They fix that and everything works. It's the peanut butter to the jelly. ties it all together. See your character dying in poison or swapping gear/prays move the reaction bar to the left. Magical things
  5. Try messing with your reaction-tab. Move it to the left more.
  6. Try messing with your reaction-tab. Move it to the left more.
  7. Day 2. took Friday off.
  8. Yes it does loot zulrah teleports. The one on the ground is a perm-teleport the game puts in to do zulrah more than once.
  9. what gear are you using now. mage lvl?
  10. delete cached client restart tribot. see if this works
  11. First day back. Looking good.
  12. Fixed Got an onyx gem on the 18th kill today. good welcome back.
  13. 16/0 atm, tormented bracelet shaves seconds off kills maybe. will see longterm. Farm herbs while at zulrah if you happen to be around the computer while it runs. Set a times for 60-70 minutes. Helps break up the "bot" look and puts 20-30 herbs in your bank every hour or two. takes 5-6 minutes. I can make about 100+ pray pots a day doing ranarr.
  14. I have a buddy who spends the whole summer churning account after account after account leveling and filing away the bot accounts for later use during the year. He does this by being a coffee shop bastard doing nothing all day but sitting in different coffee shops playing runescape.