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  1. Nice to see script is still working. Let me know if you find any bugs. Regarding new features, it is currently not high on my priority. Perhaps some time in the future I will add.
  2. How many people would be interested in seeing the script live again? Reg licences. Did you claim the auth when the new repository was released?
  3. I believe it is possible. You need to know exactly what each attribute means and understand how it all works to be able to set it up though. Be careful with what you choose.
  4. It has been over 2.5 years since you purchased the script. I can't give you a refund after having use of the script for that long.
  5. Yeah I agree I've spent far too long on this script and I do apologise! Sincerely! I've been extremely busy and now I have started working 9-5. As I have just started, I am trying to adapt to a completely new routine which would include scripting. I haven't touched any of my other scripts (they've all been deactivated too). All my time that I spend on scripting only goes into this script and I won't be touching any other scripts until I put this script back up again. I'm looking at 2 weeks from today. I should have something released by then otherwise I'll have questions to answer.
  6. Still have a lot of issues to address. Main issues include navigation, gates and brawlers. if you've purchased it then you should have it. I havent removed anyone and I don't have the power to add or remove anyone. When did you purchase the script?
  7. I'm releasing a Beta in the next day or 2
  8. It has been so longg that I can't even find you in my logs. You can't expect a refund after using it for so long
  9. I think I remember that script haha. by JJ right? he was a good scripter
  10. I also first came here 4 years ago when Tribot wasn't really active much back then. I remember keeping track of the progress on TOGL and then eventually making an account months later. Nice to see where TRiBoT has got to now thanks to TRiLeZ. Learnt a lot and I'd say it has had a major change in my life.
  11. The script is working now just as it was before I restructured. This is good news as the bulk of the work is complete. With the new structure, each aspect of the bot has its own class which makes my code organised. I have also optimised bulk of the code (not quite finished yet) which means I have less lines of code without taking away from the performance of the bot. These changes mean: Easy debugging Efficient CPU usage Less time to update script in the future Easier to add new features Removes some of the long standing bugs I have a list of improvements and fixes I need to make before I release the script as a premium script again. I could release a beta today however I'm going to improve the gate handling as well as the brawler handling (which were the 2 major issues before I took the script down) before I release anything. if it takes me over 2 weeks ( I have exams and assignments to complete), then I may release the beta without them as the script still works. That's all I have for you guys, I think. I'll keep you all updated on the progress as I go. Thanks for your support and sorry for keeping you guys waiting!
  12. Your code looks good to me. I think you're a capable scripter and you've been at tribot for a while now. In terms of activeness, I know you're generally active on Skype but would like to see more activity on the forums too. Overall, I think you deserve the rank so its a yes from me.
  13. That's not handled by the script, its handled by the client