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  1. Nice to see script is still working. Let me know if you find any bugs. Regarding new features, it is currently not high on my priority. Perhaps some time in the future I will add.
  2. Are you not updating any of your bots?

  3. I believe it is possible. You need to know exactly what each attribute means and understand how it all works to be able to set it up though. Be careful with what you choose.
  4. 4 Year old TriBot user now.

    I think I remember that script haha. by JJ right? he was a good scripter
  5. 4 Year old TriBot user now.

    I also first came here 4 years ago when Tribot wasn't really active much back then. I remember keeping track of the progress on TOGL and then eventually making an account months later. Nice to see where TRiBoT has got to now thanks to TRiLeZ. Learnt a lot and I'd say it has had a major change in my life.
  6. WillB Scripter Application

    Your code looks good to me. I think you're a capable scripter and you've been at tribot for a while now. In terms of activeness, I know you're generally active on Skype but would like to see more activity on the forums too. Overall, I think you deserve the rank so its a yes from me.
  7. That's not handled by the script, its handled by the client
  8. im not sure. Looks client related but could also be user related. Have you entered all the correct settings?
  9. TRiBot Rank & Title List

    It appears I don't have a lot of time on my hands :') Thanks
  10. [V1.5][Open Source]Super Yews by Zainy

    From the repository. Search Super Yews it seems like the script isn't functioning well. I'll have to take a look and fix it.
  11. So it doesn't take a 45 minutes break at all?
  12. Might help to show your settings here so we can tell you what's wrong
  13. Sphiinx's Scripter Application

    Adding on to the positive comments, I still remember in the early days when you were trying to learn to script. I used to help you out a bit cos I knew you was interested in learning. I believe you will do your best to fulfil your duties as a scripter and both parties, tribot and yourself, would benefit from you being a scripter so its a yes from me . You've still got a long way to go so keep it up.
  14. Triangular arrays

    You can compute a triangular array using a 1D array. Think about what the fixed size of a square rectangle would be and then go from there. It's not as hard as you think. It's actually given to you