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  1. That sucks. I guess I'll take my leave too after August 15. Nothing good lasts forever.
  2. While reading this comment two words came to mind as one phrase: "internet hipster" Can you be a little more descriptive? I'm curious about what you think would be a better execution. Seriously, because something has to change. And do you really think scripters weren't already producing innovative features? I mean that's the whole reason I paid extra for the lifetime auths. Plus, think about it this way: more competition brought in by an influx of new scripters means less money for the established scripters. So to @HeyImJamie's point, that would mean there's less MoTiVaTiOn to go around for everyone involved. And that the environment wasn't already competitive? You are aware that TRiBot isn't the only botting client right? Or thast many premium scripts on here had free counterparts? NEXT
  3. As an aside, I know I'm salty about this situation, but in my mind that does not discount past acts of professionalism that management has carried out. For example when they extended VIP/VIP-E to customers who paid for it but were unable to use it due to outages (major updates that caused a lot of problems for the bot). Granted, scripters are just as important as the customers. Without scripters, customers wouldn't be here. I just think that there are other ways this particular situation with the lifetime auths could have been handled such as my earlier suggestion to charge a smaller month-to-month maintenance fee of $1-3/month. If management and scripters agreed to this pricing scheme for lifetime auths that were purchased before the establishment of this new policy, I would gladly pay it and remain a loyal customer - to the scripts and TRiBot.
  4. Agree with everything you said. The lack of an email to communicate such a drastic change is unprofessional to say the least. And that last thing you said is how I feel the management of this site is treating its customers. I'm probably going to pay for one last month to use the scripts I bought lifetime auths for, and after that I'm out. Never using this site again. When EU's such as myself already own rights to lifetime auths that were written by other scripters, why would we care about your MoTiVaTiOn?? The lack or existence of MoTiVaTiOn on the part of these so-called "newer scripters like [yourself]" is immaterial and a god damned straw man argument in all of this. Get out of here with that nonsense, kid. To your first point about more money = more admins: We'll see about that. To your second point: The issue with lifetime is a personal issue which is a lack of commitment and following through. So if that's the direction this site wants to take, fine. I am no longer committed to buying VIP-E. To answer your question: They're not giving up their free time. They're doing it to make money. If they choose something that doesn't make a lot of money, it's not the EU's fault. This is like taking the wilderness away all over again...but on a much more gay and faggoty level. Come to think of it, this is a Runescape-related site hence why it's following in JaGeX's footsteps. I'm just surprised because I didn't think JaGeX's level of autism in regards to its treatment of Runescape-related matters could be topped. I guess we're all a little autistic for being involved in this retarded ass game anyways. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. The truth is scary sometimes. I'm not arguing against the new system. I agree with it. But leave those of us alone who have a pre-policy-change agreement. I don't mind paying a subscription for something that I know is a subscription. If anything scripters should implement a maintenance fee for those of us who purchased lifetime auths instead of the full monthly subscription cost. I would agree to paying $1-3/month for access to scripts I bought lifetime auths to help sustain the scripter. I wouldn't sweat that. But instead, they are completely neglecting the agreement that was made which is for a lifetime auth. And the whole argument about the end users/customers profiting $X over what they paid is irrelevant. THERE WAS NOTHING IN THE AGREEMENT THAT STATES END USERS CANNOT PROFIT MORE THAN $X AMOUNT OVER WHAT THEY PAID FOR THE SCRIPT. GOD DAMN I'M ON FIRE TODAY!!!
  6. And? Software lifetime is generally longer than 1-3 years. At least 5 years. Just because scripters now all of a sudden think they sold themselves short in the past doesn't make it the customer's fault for the scripters' lack of commercial/financial vision. And by the way, I read the entire thread that FALSkills shared. I still think that people like me who paid premium prices at the time should not be treated like this. Had I known that TRiBot would retroactively change this policy on lifetime auths, I would have NEVER paid for them. NEVER. They should grandfather-in those of us who paid a premium. And one more thing: as far as I'm concerned, if the script is still being sold on the same god damned thread since its conception, and the scripter reports cumulative data (such as gold earned, xp earned, monsters killed, items gathered, etc) that has been gathered since the script's conception as a marketing tool, then it is still within it's fucking lifetime. So don't patronize me with your trying-to-hide-being-snide little "not your lifetime" after-comment, guy.
  7. Thank you @FALSkills Well that blows...i'm not even a gold farmer
  8. Let me preface this post by saying I have been inactive for a few months, maybe more than 6, and I am going to start botting again. I was checking my scripts that I had bought that were marked permanent, lifetime, unlimited, etc. I come back to see that these scripts that previously had no end time, now have an end time of Wed, August 15, 2018. I will reiterate - when I paid extra for the lifetime version of these scripts, there was no indication of what the lifetime of the script would be. Is TRiBot shutting down? Or will that end time reset on that date and extend to the next year? Again, I have been away for about 6 months or more and I am not up to date with the current news on TRiBot. https://imgur.com/a/Hp2KbI0
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    lmaoooooo i love how this is the script's thread xD xD xD
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    Aw because your avatar looks like a guy wearing a lvl 3 helmet on pubg You're a blessing...Thank you so much lolololol!!!!
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    Is it just me or do you play PUBG?