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  1. Looking Glass Issues

    I've done everything up to and including "Select New Client (Looking Glass) from the TRiBot selection screen," but the prompts do not pop up for me to "Always Allow"...how do you fix that?
  2. Do you have enough money in the coffer for another dream? Are you using barrows armor that degrades, and therefore requires you to input multiple item id's for weapons? Erick will need more info than this to help you.
  3. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Thanks for the heads up and diligence
  4. LG issues

    Thank you. I tried all of this except jar fix and even deleted my tribot folder to no avail. I'll try jarfix tomorrow.
  5. LG issues

    I'm pretty sure you're having the same issue I am where the prompts to allow tribot access thru your firewall are not appearing which subsequently restricts access from using LG. I posted a thread about this 1 hour ago.
  6. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Thank you so much!
  7. It's not a waste of money. There could have been an update which breaks something in the script or TRiBot itself. This script is very good. I've gotten 3 99's with it and so have many, many others.
  8. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Proggy. And @Encoded it's a main so no I won't team view with it. But it's ok I can wait until next week for the update when you get the Gricoller's can. I'm just back to using regular watering cans for now. I'm just edgy like that.
  9. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    I was just about to post the same thing but you beat me to it lol. Besides that the script works excellently.
  10. Lots of Quests + RC + Hunter

  11. Dang that's really good. I'm not using it, but I have in the past. I'm going to get it once I get some other skills up.
  12. Ah true, how long? Just wondering because that's a lot of xp you got there.
  13. Help setting up looking glass

    Not to bump an old thread or anything, but this post needs to be pinned in it's own thread. Basically 102 is the only update that is able to hook LG to the client. After that, you can use any version of JDK, but 102 is necessary af. At least in my experience.