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  1. It can get stuck in a house thiving paladins. no paladins in reach or somthing like that, it just stands inside a house afking. seen it get stuck twice this hour manually fixed it. not sure if it solves itself if left alone.
  2. Stalls work fine, done ardy fur/silk/bakers I'd love a timer/lever stopp feature! So i can set it to run 3h and then it loggs!
  3. Can you add door opening? Doing knight in ardy but when it's time to bank he can't open doors!
  4. This is not related to theifing but if it could be set to run from bank to silk vendor and sell and repeat that would be neat for deadman!
  5. I'm currently stealing silk at deadman. By using bread as food and the radius at 5 it steals good but i can't get them to be banked! Using ID 950 951 but none worked help!
  6. adamixer


    Well if it could fill it that would be some nice moneymaking!
  7. adamixer


    Looking for som1 willing to help me with a script that simply drinks wine and banks the jugs! I got over 60k wines and want to drink em so i can earn some cash!
  8. Same as above, starting at barb village with the rod + feathers in inv. It runs to bank and stands there "getting equipment"
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