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  1. @Tri messaged you on skype.
  2. Yeah i messaged @Leespiker a week ago with no response and the last time I spoke to Tri he wasnt doing Private Scripts for the time being.
  3. I'm fine with paying $100. That script is not good I hAve tried it many times I also want a private unique script to help a little bit against bans.
  4. I'm looking for a pretty simple air orb script. Anyone who is interested please send me a PM and I will give more details.
  5. Thanks alot man, What I think i'm going to do is Read the book while commuting to and from work and while at home I will use the video tutorials, Would you suggest I have an extensive knowledge of Java before I even bother trying to write a tribot script?
  6. What would be the best way for my to start learning Java pretty much for the sole purpose of writing Tribot Scripts? As far as my background goes I used to know some HTML/CSS about 5 years ago as well as some very basic Java which I have completely forgotten. I know it will be a challenge considering I have pretty much no programming experience at the moment, but i'm not too worried about that ;p. I would prefer some book suggestions but i'm really open to any method of learning so please help me out guys!
  7. Just ran it for about 2 hours ... The proggy isn't working and it making a bunch of weird random clicks and getting stuck in a bunch of different places now
  8. It is not clicking the "enter wildnerness" button it is clicking just above it.