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  1. Close topic pleasee, nigga's calling backup on the internet but irl i wud smack them all l00000l
  2. Enjoy the -1. I am trusted on Sythe maby havent seen me alot around here but you are a dick for calling people for no reason a scammer;) enjoy report.
  3. Account isnt been logged in,in 3months since i have a max main with enuf gold you think i would care about this ugly built account haha? you are just another retard who try's to play the hero. not needed here bro:P -FuckYou.
  4. My bad guys!!!!!!
  5. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Close topicXO
  6. i know haha, just looking for a simple website where u can sell and let a MM middleman or something and so i can get rid of those accounts b4 i hit my holidays xd
  7. I Have used sythe, i have screenshots/chats with a guy who wanted to go first, so but first wanted to know email the account is on and phone number used to make member. gave him those and he hacked my skype account/sythe account/gmail account/even typed on my screen some how so sythe there are 100% scammers/hackers active.. No other sites?????
  8. Looking for websites guys! anyone has any1 idea?
  9. I know, but i dont want future problems if buyer try's to claim something, the ask for ID/Pasport picture /Address picture any payment picture etc... i rarther not do that:/
  10. Anyone know a website where you can trusted sell youre Rs07 accounts? got 1 pure and a maxed main i want to sell! I tried Playerauctions but it asked tomuch IRL info's so skipped that one.
  11. Thats what kind of a dick you are? i am here free to write my opinion, and let other think what i think who also agree with me. Its their job, Its their risk, Its their profit what the make at the end of the day, so dont come with the bullshit (the risk alot) cause when you sell or buy to receive or handover the gold you risk also for RWT and both accounts to get bannad so stfu with risks lol and thanks
  12. Add me on skype: Dreamify123 i am soon dropping everything with Rs botting etc, getting a baby soon and work sold my main already for $165 and i have a sick pure left with, fcape/mtih gloves/dt done/mm done/dds done and more! skype me if intressted;)
  13. I feel like we are getting ripped off,(buyers) idk if it always been like this but websites/people/ buy rs07 gold for $0.82 and sell for $.1.3-$1.5 dafuck... who made up this ($0.82) fake merch price would recommend to not buy until their stock gets full and the have to drop the price..
  14. Can you screenshot what the say? Thankss. Just curious
  15. Its been longer then a week almost 2weeks the said within 2weeks the send a message... anybody been lucky yet at getting unbannad????????? Reply if so. If not also reply what they responded to you in their message.. It was open on 19-oct its now 2 Nov... Screenshot and past what the say if u got an message!