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  1. Server are down now and those all jmod are twitching on live , people are spamming at the chat and they don even look at it lol , it really make me lol so fking hard . Your server is down or may be being ddosed and you are twitching live doing nothing . I really cant belive how stupid are the OSRS jagex team and the jmod LOL .
  2. How people count the odd ? Like 56% me and 44% him ? Osbuddy have the feuture ?
  3. @Usa A lot of time it don detect the skuller / player in the lava isle and get atk til dead ..
  4. Is the GE limit changed ? Like you have to login to reset the buy limit so you cant buy overnight ?
  5. @Netami can you fix that : Stuck at entering wild at the gate , keep walking in and out and repeat . Have over few k of rune or orb in bank but keep saying out of orb or rune then script stoped .
  6. Thank you Trilez for another great update !
  7. @Usa After some hours i am back checking my bot and they are stuck at login " try again " page and script stoped , And character is dead respawned at lumbby .
  8. You are just running one account at a ip ? I was thinking to get the script but looking to run 2-4 account on same ip .
  9. Happy birthday erick ! And thank you for all you have done on tribot !
  10. It always stuck at bank with looting bag opened .. and it does't logout..
  11. may be he use the left over one to trace your new bot and ban them too ?
  12. Wtf , i am having the same problem as well , 4 account same ip same script all banned and 1 left . and this is second time already on 8 acc .
  13. I have been botting for about 2 - 3 month and my account never last more than 4-5 days , i was botting at 7 account and now down to 4 still getting ban .
  14. I got banned very badly everyday last week , is the bot updated now ? good to go ?
  15. This script is broken ? Or just some error and still useable ? Cheers